Science & Environment


This week in history: International Day to Eliminate Nuclear Weapons

"The consequences of any further use of nuclear weapons, whether intentional or by mistake, would be horrific."


Colonial Pipeline spill confirms worries of Standing Rock Sioux water protectors

At first report 1,000 gallons of gasoline had been spilled, then 250,000 gallons and now 336,000 gallons according to latest estimates.


Six years after oil spill, La. oyster farmers still struggling

A post-oil spill environment is a new and uncertain proving ground for restoring an aquaculture that was almost put out of existence.


In three states, oil and gas spills poison the earth again

Here in Louisiana, another 5,300 gallons of oil have spilled. 

Confrontation on the Northern Plains: Native Americans fight to stop Dakota Access pipeline

The Standing Rock Sioux tribe has mounted a massive protest to block construction of a dangerous pipeline.

Alameda County bans fracking

"We must protect workers, communities and the environment. This is not just a political issue; this is a life and death issue."

Human-caused climate change gets personal

What felt distant has become much closer. What could be safely put off can no longer be shoved aside.

Pacific Islanders in the U.S.: From immigrants to climate refugees

Global warming has triggered rising water levels in the South Pacific of about a foot over the past 30 years, creating thousands of refugees.

Broad coalition wins Oakland ban on coal

The City Council voted to ban a coal train that would wind through Oakland neighborhoods, creating a health and safety hazard. 

Swimming in the gene pool: the haves and have nots

Naysayers view informed access to their genetic profile through glasses that only see morals and money,  not the promise of public science for public good.