Science & Environment


Diverse movement for justice grows in Detroit

"This is a grassroots effort that began last year with the huge climate march rally in New York City."


Science round-up: Cancer, China, and climate change

China's manufacturing sector spews forth more CO2 by far than similar sectors in other countries.


Today in history: The first intercontinental radio transmission, 1915

The demonstration was transmitted from the U.S. naval radio station at Arlington to San Francisco, then a few hours later relayed to Honolulu, for a total of 4900 miles.



Today in history: A Chinese poem for autumn

On this first day of autumn, we offer a quiet moment of reflection penned 80 years ago.


Discrimination affects health for lifetime: Weekly science round up

Vitamin C, school start time, India's private hospitals, pre-diabetes, physical effects of discrimination.


Exciting hominid fossil find in South Africa

The find will not revolutionize science's ideas of how our species evolved, it gives a more complete picture of the basic pattern and raises interesting questions.


Navy jets, electronic warfare stir outrage

The noise and electronic radiation pose a dire threat to animals and plants in the wilderness regions of the Olympic Peninsula.


John McCain's "midnight riders" put borderlands at risk

"If we expose McCain's underhanded tactics, S750 will likely die just like a vampire in the sun."


California landscape scorched as wildfires blaze on

With 700,000 acres burned so far this year, there's no end in sight for the inferno; or firefighters and victims, the numbers represent an uphill battle.



On Katrina and lessons from Cuba

Ten years after Katrina the racial disparities in New Orleans, in the richest country in the world, have actually widened.


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