Science & Environment


Dioxins unearthed at U.S. base in Okinawa stir furor

"They were 55-gallon and, on occasion, 30-gallon drums. You could smell the chemicals and a few were stenciled with 'Defoliant' in white with 'Property KAB Special Services."


West Virginia hit by another chemical spill

About 108,000 gallons of waste from a coal processing facility leaked into a tributary of the Kanawha River on Feb. 11, polluting 6 miles of Fields Creek. The waste includes all manner of toxic chemicals and metals.


W.Va. disaster culprit Freedom Industries declares bankruptcy

With $30 million in assets and $3 million in liabilities, Freedom Industries followed a tried and true coal industry tactic of declaring bankruptcy and moving assets to a new company.


Michigan, Louisiana latest victims of oil, chemical spills

April 1 was no joke in Lansing, Michigan, when equipment at a power plant malfunctioned and caused 300 gallons of oil to leak into the Grand River.


Five million farmers sue Monsanto for "taxing production"

Farmworkers say Monsanto makes an exorbitant profit each year on royalties from "renewal" seed harvests.


N.J. chemical spill goes airborne, forces hundreds of evacuations

When a train derailment in Paulsboro, N.J., sent two tanker cars hurtling into a nearby creek, the water became polluted with vinyl chloride.