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Federal government calls a halt to North Dakota Pipeline

In a victory the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe is calling "a game changer," three Federal agencies blocked the construction of a pipeline at Lake Oahe. N.D.


“We are fighting a monster, but we will win”: Standing Rock Sioux

The Aug. 27 march to the main gate of the construction site was even bigger than the day before, with a motorcade following to transport the elders.


Dakota Access pipeline protests grow

"I am reporting from our first day at the protest camp, Oceti Sakowin, where history is being made."


Confrontation on the Northern Plains: Native Americans fight to stop Dakota Access pipeline

The Standing Rock Sioux tribe has mounted a massive protest to block construction of a dangerous pipeline.


Alameda County bans fracking

"We must protect workers, communities and the environment. This is not just a political issue; this is a life and death issue."


Human-caused climate change gets personal

What felt distant has become much closer. What could be safely put off can no longer be shoved aside.


Swimming in the gene pool: the haves and have nots

Naysayers view informed access to their genetic profile through glasses that only see morals and money,  not the promise of public science for public good.


Labor Secretary: Cleaning the environment will boost economy

Cleaning up the environment is "an economic tool" to provide good jobs for U.S. workers, he says.


Company halts bee-killing chemicals as activists stir up a hornet’s nest

The movement to save the bees recently got a shot - or perhaps a sting - in the arm.


Researchers call for more study of Agent Orange effects on vets and their kids

Researchers are urging Congress to fund a new center for the study of veterans' exposure to toxic substances.

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