Science & Environment


Top ten environmental wins of 2012

It's high time to look at the good points of the environmental struggle this year.


NASA discusses Dec. 21 Mayan end-of-world prediction

NASA takes on the doomsdayers and debunks their predictions.


Hubble XDF catches the universe on camera

The XDF allows an ordinary person to view a panoramic image of the immediate portion of the universe that lay beyond Earth. It's the first step, said the scientists.


Will anything really happen at Doha climate change summit?

Each conference hears reports about how much the world is depending on these gatherings to develop cooperative international approaches to mitigate and adjust to climate change.


Urgent action needed to combat European climate change

Extreme weather has resulted in more destruction from floods, droughts, and heat waves, and these trends will increase with greater occurrences expected in the future.


Tokelau becomes world’s first solar-powered country

Goodbye diesel generators, hello sunshine and coconuts!


Mega-storm now underway a taste of what may be

"Frankenstorm" is a reminder that voters in the 2012 Elections have a stark choice between radically different approaches to environmental policy, climate change, and science.


Is the fracking industry bribing professors?


The University of Texas plans to organize experts to review a report on fracking after learning that the professor who wrote it is in the pocket of the natural gas industry.


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