Virginia: Democrats inch forward but it's still close

Virginia is seen as a key swing state for the elections. Recent polls show Obama and the Democrats advancing, but nobody is counting on this.


Vance community may face destruction

The Vance Avenue neighborhood lies just south of downtown Memphis and is an area rich with African-American history.


The "47 Percent" welcomes Romney

Eighty demonstrators gathered outside the Hilton Anatole luxury hotel to clarify understanding of the true program of Mitt Romney.


Unions reach agreement with Verizon

The Communications Workers of America and the Electrical Workers (IBEW) have reached a tentative agreement on a contract with Verizon.


An election for the many or the few?

Will the choice be in favor of the interests of the 1% at the peril of everyone else?  Or will our country come together and represent the needs of the majority?


EPI: Income recovery from great recession may take until 2020

The drop in workers' income, piled on a prior decline, was so deep that it may take until 2020 before workers' incomes match their peak set in 2000.


Citizens United pays to air anti-Obama film

The organization announced recently that it would air an anti-Obama documentary on cable and broadcast television from coast to coast.

Marine's father deported week after Afghanistan deployment

A young Marine from Oak Cliff found out, a week after being deployed to Afghanistan, that his father had been deported to Mexico!


Moment of victory: Shell stops Arctic drilling

Shell has chosen to halt its oil-drilling program after a dome used to clean up potential spills became damaged.


Ohio labor rallies for Obama

At the Ohio State AFL-CIO Convention delegates heard a continuous cascade of powerful appeals to fully mobilize labor behind the President in the all-important November election.

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