Connecticut Working Families Party sets agenda for 2012

This state's Working Families Party convened their annual meeting last week with a dispaly of strength.

Public support grows for government jobs program

"Let's make our country what it should be," said AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka yesterday.


Labor Day protestors demand jobs and fair trade deals

Steelworkers and 1,000 others protested against a new free trade agreement being negotiated for the Pacific Rim countries.


Ohio Labor Day fests defy "economic royalists"

Boosting the fight against Republican attacks on union and voting rights, tens of thousands rallied at Labor Day picnics, festivals and marches in cities throughout Ohio.


President Obama: Unions key to economic recovery

The president of the United States, the nation's labor leaders and one of America's cultural icons teamed up here on Labor Day to boost the labor movement, which they said is crucial to any economic revovery.

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