Judge upholds extreme parts of Alabama anti-immigrant law

U.S. District Judge Sharon Blackburn on Wednesday upheld major provisions of the draconian measure.


Jesse Jackson calls for White House commission on poverty

Calling Appalachia "ground zero" in the fight against poverty, Jesse Jackso called for a new federal commission to fight poverty.


Dear Speaker Boehner: Really, who's waging class warfare?

Dear Speaker Boehner, You sound perfectly content with the fact that Warren Buffett pays less in federal taxes than does his secretary.


Progressive Democrat vies to take back Kennedy seat

Many in Massachusetts were unhappy to see Republican Scott Brown win the late Ted Kennedy's Senate seat in 2010 - now they are throwing themselves into the campaign to elect Elizabeth Warren.

Will Republicans let "Made in Missouri" happen?

Missouri's Republican-dominated Senate did something unexpected recently during the legislative special session.

GOP opens offensive against almost all regulations

Republican lawmakers in Congress have opened an unprecedented offensive against almost every type of government regulation.


President demands lawmakers pass $447 billion jobs bill

Republicans, as expected, are already throwing wrenches into the works, with all of the GOP presidential candidates essentially trashing the proposal.

Public support grows for government jobs program

"Let's make our country what it should be," said AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka yesterday.


In Florida, 98 percent pass state mandated drug test

As results for the first month of Gov. Rick Scott's "drug test the poor" law come in, only 2 percent test positive for illicit drug use. Conflict-of-interest questions also surfaced.


Philadelphia says: Heal America, tax Wall Street

Over 100 rallied outside the downtown office of Sen. Pat Toomey, R-Penn., Sept. 1 to deliver the message.

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