Standing up: a poem for the picket lines

This poem was inspired by the just-concluded United Steelworkers convention.

Standing Up
August 6, 2011

Standing up
Don't' want your hatred or your greed
Say it clear
You don't speak for me
Raise my fist
Put me on your list
You are wrong
I'll fight until you're gone

Don't call me lazy
As you kill off all the jobs
Don't call me crazy
If I don't buy your selfish lies
Don't call me wimpy
As you poison all that's alive
Don't chain me under water
And tell me to survive

Don't talk freedom
And tell me how to live
Don't use the good book
To justify your sins
Don't call me brother
If only some will be let in
I'm the Patriot
Against me you can't win

I'm not afraid
To tell you that I care
I am proud
To give and help and share
I want my country
To help lift people up
A better world requires
That the worst off have enough

There is plenty
For everybody here
There are wonders
For everyone to share
We are different
Yet mostly all the same
If we weave ourselves in strength
We can have a better day

We're standing up
Don't' want your hatred or your greed
We say it clear
You don't speak for me
We raise our fists
Put us on your list
You are wrong
We'll fight until you're gone

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  • powerful!
    i hope someone sets this to music, i can hear it sung

    Posted by Barbara R., 08/19/2011 10:41am (4 years ago)

  • :)

    Posted by Jennifer Ripley, 08/18/2011 1:52pm (4 years ago)

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