Tea party’s ugly reality: racism, sexism, homophobia


Last weekend's final days of struggle to pass the health care reform bill starkly showed the ugly reality that is the "tea party."

From its inception the tea party people have used every dirty trick in the book to try to scare people into opposing heath care reform - from the "death panels" to how "awful" a government-run health care system would be - even though that is not what was proposed and most countries with government-run health care have better health care then we do.

But those lies and distortions could not win the battle for them so they threw in a massive dose of racism, primarily aimed at the president, sexism on the abortion issue, and red-baiting to try to further confuse, divide and panic the people. Media outlets like Fox gave the fullest coverage to these lies day in and day out.

I favored a stronger bill, at least with a public option. But in that atmosphere it is amazing that even the modest final version of the bill passed. Those members of Congress who stood up to the hysteria, racism, red-baiting and threats and voted for the bill are to be commended. In our electoral system it's tough for capitalist politicians to do the right thing when it might mean they will face a well-financed right-wing attack machine this November. 

The tea party folks, fearing a big loss was coming, were all over Capitol Hill last Saturday making their final push to defeat health care reform.  Just like they did at the town hall meetings last fall, they were in the faces of members of Congress, screaming and cursing.  

It was a shocking display of in-your-face racism. Congressman John Lewis, D-Ga., was called the "n" word more than once.  So were Reps. Jim Clyburn, D-S.C., and Andre Carson, D-Ind. 

Lewis, the African American veteran civil rights leader who was beaten unconscious on the Edmund Pettus Bridge in the 1965 Selma, Alabama, march, said, "I haven't heard anything like this in 45 years." Clyburn, a fellow member of the Congressional Black Caucus and a veteran of the Southern struggle, called it "absolutely shocking."

But that's not all. When Rep. Barney Frank, D-Mass.,who is gay, was walking through the halls of the Capitol building which were packed with tea party protesters, he was also verbally assaulted, repeatedly called the "f" word. "It's almost like the Salem witch trials," he said.

Rep. Bobby Scott, D-Va., also black, pointed out the sheer confusion of the protesters. "I have never heard anyone campaign for their freedom to be uninsured. I've never heard anyone campaign against Medicare," said Scott. "That's what you're dealing with."

The protesters carried many signs opposing any inclusion of women's reproductive rights in the bill. In fact, bowing to right-wing pressure, the bill retains the reactionary restrictions of the Hyde Amendment which prohibits use of any federal money to pay for abortions. 

The stench of fascism is all over the teabaggers.

Not so long ago those bigoted, red-baiting attacks would have won the day. No matter what might think of the bill, the fact that it was passed despite the most extreme right-wing demagogic, bigoted, ideological attack shows that some significant shifts in mass thought patterns in a progressive direction are taking place today and it is affecting the thinking of members of Congress.

As the struggle goes forward to improve health care (single-payer, for one) and the big struggle for jobs is unfolding, it is imperative that there be a stepped up ideological struggle against racism, sexism, homophobia and anti-communism if we are going move things in a progressive direction. 

This is not just the lunatic fringe we are dealing with.  I don't care how much Michael Steele apologizes for the racists in his party.  This isn't just the "tea party"; it is also the GOP. 

Newt Gingrich, who is supposed to be a right-wing idealogue and intellectual, showed his true racist essence when he warned the Democrats that if they passed the health care bill, "They will have destroyed their party as much as Lyndon Johnson shattered the Democratic Party for 40 years" by passing civil rights legislation. 

If Gingrich thinks that defeating health care reform and eliminating discrimination and segregation are not moral and constitutional imperatives for a democracy but rather something to be left alone because it's politically risky, he is morally and politically bankrupt. Is that what the party that says it's for a "color blind" society is all about? If they win control again, is it back to Jim Crow?

The struggle for health care reform showed a lot. It gave us another indication of what we are up against and fighting for. All democratic forces need to be aware that we face nothing less then an epic battle for the future of our nation, and we dare not fail.



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  • If you are going to talk about the Tea Party then talk about your new Black Party movement. You got proof of their action but no proof regarding the Tea Party. What planet did you come from Mr. Tyner? You could at least state some facts to make your point.

    Posted by Gilbert Wilkerson Sr. , 09/29/2010 2:00pm (5 years ago)

  • YEAHHAHA! Tea party take over of the CPUSA artical posts! Tea party rules! Horah!!!!!


    Posted by The freedom lover, 08/15/2010 9:14pm (5 years ago)

  • conclusion for me is that id rather be dead than red >>

    Posted by Mr. common sense, 06/18/2010 3:33am (6 years ago)

  • here is some facts for my red friends----

    USSR--61,911,000 Victims: 1917 to 1987 ... cause??
    Answer-because all "resources" a.k.a "barley , grain, etc." was need by the motherland to prevent starvation it all sat in cellars and rotted away or was sold to neighboring country's....however you also must add in the causes of execution, gulags, work camps and what not..//// future economic downfall --- bankruptcy , collapse of centralized government entity...

    PEOPLES REPUBLIC OF CHINA---(1928-1987) 76,702,000. victims...cause?? ANSWER-Mao's famine , collectivization of "resources" equal reasoning of as the USSR...///// economic crisis ---- massive deficit and crushing unemployment..possible future collapse

    NATIONAL [SOCIALIST] GERMAN WORKERS PARTY (NAZI)---(1933 to 1945) 20,946,000 Victims : cause to cleanse the earth of all inferior beings...//// economic and militaristic crisis//// bankrupt and massive militaristic takeover by outside forces..

    PEOPLES REPUBLIC OF KOREA(NORTH KOREA) ---1,663,000 VICTIMS cause?? massive collection of all "resources" lead to massive starvation...//// bankruptcy to prevent massive collapse of centralized government no longer competed in world market ,complete isolationism

    UNITED STATES OF AMERICA(USA NOT USSA) deaths due to massive government collectivization and furthermore mass starvation??(0) known economical incidences....///// massive deficite dur to out of control spending by progressive and socialistic leadership //// possible economic collapse due to bloated government..

    Posted by Mr. common sense, 06/18/2010 3:32am (6 years ago)

  • and its funny how you commies call us hateful angry mobs ?? hmmmm didnt the extreme left have one of those G20 summit marches in california causing thousands of dollars in property damage and multiple arrests ??hmm... funny how the tea party people are labled angry violent rascist mobs and yet not one dime in property damage or one arrest hmm... wow you guys love to just spew whatever out of your mouths but dont even think of maybe ?? backing it up with evidence or proof ??

    Posted by Mr. common sense, 06/18/2010 2:49am (6 years ago)

  • hey Bruce!!!! its funny how no proof ever surfaced way to back up your claims with facts buddy...and to you my brother comrade i salute you !!!

    Posted by Mr. common sense, 06/18/2010 2:45am (6 years ago)

  • and health care ya i have a question for all you communist intellectual elites ......how come where paying for health-care now , but not getting any benefits until two years out , and its already bankrupt how does that work were paying into it but not actually using it and its already gone bankrupt??

    Posted by Mr. common sense, 06/18/2010 2:43am (6 years ago)

  • you all should be ashamed of yourselves if you want social and economic justice and your over all socialistic utopia that by the way no country in history "who has tried communism" never succeeded... but its OK right because like Russia and china when communism fails and the state cant keep up its promises of its socialistic utopia you all just hose down a few million people ..... i have a question by the way whats the difference between you guys and Nazis you both are socialists who will mass murder millions of people wow good thing "us" "white homophobic, racist ,tea bagging red necks" are still putting you all down in your place ... and fyi if you want socialism go to Europe "i heard it was working out really well for them"..........

    with love-----Mr. common sense

    Posted by Mr. common sense, 06/18/2010 2:39am (6 years ago)

  • You guys are lunatics. Jarvis Tyner is a liar who offers false accusations without proof. Attack the messenger is his response to legitimate political opposition. Guilt by association, misdirection, omission, insults, fear based arguments of Jim Crow. All utter nonsense. At least he knows a bunch of useless idiots when he sees them.

    Amazing how far one has to stretch to malign ordinary American's with legitimate concerns for a debt-ridden, weakened nation beset with a crazed, out-of-touch government that hands out "entitlement" candy to their constituents as little "favors." Get off the damn plantation Mr. Tyner.

    History, which socialists would just as soon not teach our young, provides absolute and incontrovertible truth that socialism has failed every single time it has been tried. The death of millions has been the net result. Yet here we find the very same methods being employed to socialize the US. The crazy part is the idea that some comrade party leader is going to give a damn about you, your cancer, your kid, your job, your freedom, etc. etc. etc.

    What, you guys think you can do socialism better?
    R I G H T........

    Socialism is slavery. The fact that none of you recognize this fact helps to explain why you see your Tea Party neighbor as some racist, homophobic, mob member. Hell, that's my mom! And believe me she doesn't give a damn about what color your skin is.

    The bigger the government, the smaller the citizen.

    Posted by Mediaman, 04/04/2010 3:05pm (6 years ago)

  • The KKK was born out the needs for the ruling white elite of the south to regain control after the civil war. Poor whites were given some 'power.' They were allowed to, directed to terrorize Black folks with no concern for punishment. These poor whites, whose lives were no different than poor Blacks, were told they were better and to prove it they were free from legal persecution as long as they did the bidding of their masters.

    Today, the Tea Party has a similar history. It is a movement designed to create distraction from real issues and to, again, create divisiveness among people who have the same real needs and issues. The Tea Party movement is based on encouraging rage and terrorism. It also provides no real analysis of the issues, Instead it implies sometimes, and other times is blatantly racist. It confuses real issues with xenophobic and political confusion. Attacking Obama as a socialist is as ignorant as it gets. Coupling this with innate racism has been a winner for the power structure that will eat these tea partiers up faster than a dog with a toxic hot dog.

    The comments on this blog show that ignorance. Socialism is dangerous but don't touch my Social Security or Medicare or Medicaid! Government run programs pay for the health care of 60% of the public but a public option is a dangerous socialistic effort. Ridiculous. We expect public schools to remain free without any awareness of how much money comes from the collective support of those institutions; ie, government distribution of monies to keep programs running and teachers employed. When people yell about socialism they are really saying dont pay for the education of poor people or people of color. When we have roads paid for, they paved with the collective gatherings of monies and used for roads that are free for everyone to drive. Maybe we should tithe all the roads just for the privilege of being able to drive to the grocery store. That would remove government socialism from our lives. Maybe we should allow some roads to be privately purchased so only those with money to pay for their use could travel around. Now that would really support the 'free' market economy!

    The real problem is that the tea partiers are being exploited to create hate and divisiveness. They are entertainment in the media. But their hatred is real and they respond with the characteristic mob mentality when the likes of someone like palen screams 'reload.'
    It is their racism and classism and fear of the unknown that is the ring in their collective nose and they are being led by that ring in ways that do not serve them--only their masters will reap benefits.

    Posted by , 04/01/2010 2:46am (6 years ago)

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