Top 13 tweets on GOP debate


The Twitteratti were in rare form after the GOP debate, Sept. 7. Here are the top 13 tweets that came across @PeopleWorld Twitter time line:

@fivethirtyeight Nate Silver Quick reaction grades: Romney A-, Perry B-, Gingrich C+, Huntsman C+, Cain C+, Santorum C, Bachmann D+, Paul D-, Galileo F.

@SamuelCookIII Where is MittRomney's American flag lapel pin? Why doesn't he love America? Oh, wait. He's white.

@AverageBro Slamming the working poor for not paying enough taxes is great. Asking the rich to pay more taxes is blasphemy. Makes sense to me.

@BorowitzReport For in-depth coverage of the debate, check out the Book of Revelation.

@JohnFugelsang It was a cool debate, except for all the racial tension in the audience.  

@jduguay1987 Rick Santorum slips out of the closet, shows love for musicals and Judy Garland. Compares Reagan to Wicked Witch of the West.


@PolitiFact We checked Rick Perry statement that more & more scientists are questioning climate change. False.

@SingLifeSong As George Bernard Shaw put it, "The problem with political jokes is that they get elected." Fun night.

@rugcernie You know there's something wrong with a crowd when they applaud executions, even if they're pro capital punishment.

@rangrol Paul says he opposes SNAP and other food programs for children, but insists he is a compassionate person. F*ck you, dude.

@markm1962 GOP now running against Obama and every sane American.

@speechboy71 Perry probably helped himself among Republicans . . . which is precisely why the big winner tonight is Barack Obama

Photo: Marcos Xotoko // CC 2.0