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Embattled New Orleans unions fight to rack up Clinton votes

This year, unions and their allies here are adding to their list of battles a push to rack up the largest possible vote for Hillary Clinton in November.


New Missouri state lawmaker will challenge corporate greed

 "I came from the people, I represent the people, I cannot be bought," Bruce Franks told People's World.


Trump inflames while Clinton calms after recent bombings

"Don't underestimate the effects of the anti Muslim rhetoric after these incidents on millions of people," Salam al Marayati, president of the Muslim Public Affairs Council, told the PW.


Manhattan developers try evasion tactics on affordable housing

Application of an affordable housing plan in New York City leaves questions for tenants, working people, and many community advocates about whose interests it is intended to serve.

Congressional Black Caucus to Trump: "you're disgusting."

After Trump's admission that President Obama was born in the U.S.A., members of the Caucus held a press conference saying that Trump's statement was cynical and meaningless.

South Florida labor and community host citizenship workshops

Ahead of the November elections, a coalition of labor and immigrants' rights groups is helping South Florida residents become naturalized citizens.

Republican bill is great for banks, bad for people

Republicans are trying to ram through Congress a bill that would allow big banks to engage in the exact same practices that caused the Great Recession.

Racism and affordable housing shortage spotlighted in Cambridge meeting

Strategizing against the crisis of affordable housing was the subject of a meeting between BLM and labor defense activists.

Today in U.S. history: Racists bomb Birmingham church, kill 4 children

Many martyrs died in the cause of freedom, but none touched the conscience of the nation and the world more deeply than the terrorist murder of these four children.

People of the wide world of sports, unite!

Colin Kaepernick's protest of racial injustice and police violence against African Americans has drawn more athletes into the dialogue.