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WASHINGTON: Black farmers say ‘save our land’ / LAS VEGAS: Dump Bush, not nuclear waste / KANSAS CITY, Mo.: Sprint lays off 2,000 workers / NASHVILLE, Tenn.: School administrators sue for racial justice / INDIANAPOLIS: Grocery workers defending health care

Bush Medicare plan robs seniors

WASHINGTON – In a treacherous sellout of 41 million senior citizens, the Republican-controlled House and Senate narrowly approved George W. Bush’s prescription drug scam that fattens HMO and drug company profits while opening the door to Medicare privatization.

National Clips

ATLANTA, Ga.: Patriot Act inspires dictatorships, says Carter; BIRMINGHAM, Ala.: The Cubans are coming! The Cubans are coming!; El PASO Tex.: Racial double standard in U.S. Army; WORCESTER, Mass.: Workers strike French company

Big push to block GOP energy bill

WASHINGTON – Calls resounded on Capitol Hill for senators to block enactment of the 1,000-page Energy Policy Act, a Christmas tree laden with sugarplums for the oil and gas monopolies. The House approved the energy bill 246-180, with 46 Democrats joining 200 Republicans in support, on Nov. 18.

Seniors slam Trojan horse drug bill

WASHINGTON – Senior citizens, African American, Latino and white, packed the ornate Senate Caucus Room Nov. 19 and cheered as speakers blasted a prescription drug plan that provides meager drug benefits for some senior citizens while opening the door to the privatization of Medicare.

Show-Me States winning streak

The Thrill and the Agony This week in sports by Chas Walker

National Clips

WASHINGTON: Al Gore says ‘repeal Patriot Act’ / FRESNO, Calif.: More gov’t spying on peace groups / BECKLEY, W.Va.: Bush protects coal operator, fires whistleblower / TULSA, Okla.: Free trade? Not if it hurts drug profits

Media reform movement comes of age

MADISON, Wis. – As the audience overflowed the 1,800-capacity Orpheum Theatre here last weekend, Commissioner Michael Copps of the Federal Communications Commission told them they were “the most important meeting occurring in America today,” and veteran newsman Bill Moyers said they were engaged in “a struggle for the soul of democracy.”

Corporations have their own press, the people need theirs

There are six more weeks left for the People’s Weekly World/Nuestro Mundo fund drive. Thus far, contributions from 43 states totaling $83,716 have come in from readers who say, “Yes!” to the PWW’s coverage of the people’s struggles.

Diddy runs the City

The Thrill and the Agony This week in sports by Chas Walker

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