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4,500 Mainers rebuff racists from away

LEWISTON, Maine – Thousands of Maine residents gathered here Jan. 11 to support recent Somali immigrants who have been targeted by the hate group “World Church of the Creator.”

Unemployment: No good news

According to the Labor Department the economy lost another 101,000 jobs in December, most of them in manufacturing industries and retail trade. Although the official year-end unemployment rate of 6 percent was unchanged from November, it tied an eight-year high. Given the pluses – 14,000 new jobs in government service – and minuses –101,000 thousand pink slips – 82,000 workers joined the ranks of the unemployed in December.

Hundreds protest at INS

CHICAGO – Several hundred Chicagoans rallied in front of the office of the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service here Jan. 10 to protest the heavy-handed methods used by the government with people from Middle Eastern nations required to register themselves.

Bush plans $ 600 billion gift to rich

The battle over how best to boost a sagging economy became a matter of public debate last week with Democrats in the House of Representatives and President Bush introducing competing plans.

Ashcroft under fire for mass detentions

Angered by the detention of 400 Iranian, Arab and Muslim men and boys who went voluntarily to register with INS in Los Angeles Dec. 18, lawmakers and civil rights groups are blasting Attorney General John Ashcroft and demanding an end to the new registration program.

Oakland City Council condemns USA Patriot Act

OAKLAND, Calif. – In one of its final actions of 2002, Oakland’s City Council on Dec. 17 became the 19th and largest city to issue a sharp rebuff to the USA Patriot Act. The Council’s resolution, calling on California’s Congressional delegation to actively work to repeal the act and related executive orders, passed by a vote of 7-1.

Danger: Privatization hazardous to Medicare

The threat index for Medicare fraud shot up to “code red” when Sen. Bill Frist (R-Tenn.) took Trent Lott’s place as Senate Majority Leader. A darling of George W. Bush, Frist is now positioned to ramrod privatization of the nation’s most important health care system.

A Green Party victory shakes up Providence politics

Opinion While most of the country was taken over by the far-right on Election Day in November, Providence, R.I., moved in the opposite direction, as David Segal was elected to the City Council from the First Ward.

Smallpox vaccine: Latest Bush Sept. 11 hoax

Dr. Thomas Mack, professor of medicine at the University of Southern California, has raised very serious questions regarding the smallpox vaccine assault of the Bush administration’s phony war on terrorism.

Citizen Action delegates call for health care

PEORIA, Ill. – “Stand Up! Keep Fighting!” was the theme of Illinois Citizen Action Convention here, Dec. 7.

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