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EDITORIAL: Change policy, not just faces

While Rumsfeld is going, U.S. troops are still in Iraq. Bush’s appointment of former CIA head Robert Gates to take Rumsfeld’s place does not mean that the president intends to heed the voters’ message: get out of Iraq.

Labor eyes quick passage of new organizing law

WASHINGTON (PAI) — The new Democratic-run House in the 110th Congress will pass the Employee Free Choice Act, AFL-CIO Legislative Director Bill Samuel said in a Nov. 8 interview. “It will be nice to be playing offense for the first time in my career.”

Mixed results in California elections

Among the most significant election results in California was the 53-47 percent victory of wind power engineer Jerry McNerney over seven-term U.S. Rep. Richard Pombo in the 11th Congressional District, despite a Republican 7-point advantage in voter registrations. The war in Iraq, the environment, and Washington scandals were key issues in the northern California race


Now is time to move on health care, Conyers says

CHICAGO — Health care activists from around the country gathered here for a strategy meeting Nov. 11-12, energized in the wake of the Democrats winning control of both houses of Congress.

Labor hits the ground running

CLEVELAND — Flush with victory in the Nov. 7 elections, Cleveland’s labor activists, like their counterparts elsewhere, are pressing to broaden the base of their movement and are already taking initiatives to guarantee that campaign promises are realized.

Bernie Sanders elected to U.S. Senate

BURLINGTON, Vt. — Bernie Sanders, the six-term independent congressman from Vermont, swept to victory in the race for U.S. Senate over Republican billionaire Rich Tarrant.

Anti-immigrant Republicans suffer election losses

Time will tell what the impact of the Nov. 7 election on the immigration question will be. For the short term, it is worth noting that the Republicans lost at least 9 House seats held by members of Tom Tancredo’s hateful 104-member “House Immigration Reform Caucus” — the witches’ cauldron in which a lot of anti-immigrant stuff has been cooked up.

EDITORIAL: Hail victory, move forward

It was about Iraq, corruption, economic insecurity and the failure of government during Katrina. And no matter what name was on the ballot, it was about George W. Bush and the disastrous policies of the Republican ultra-right.


Voters clean house: Rejecting Bush agenda, Americans look for new direction

WASHINGTON — Fired by anger and disgust with George W. Bush, the Iraq war, corporate greed, corruption and human needs cutbacks, voters went to the polls Nov. 7 and terminated 12 years of Republican control of the U.S. House of Representatives. A switch to Democratic control of the Senate hinged on the undecided Virginia race, with the Democrat leading at press time.


Oklahoma dreams and nightmares, The Innocent Man: Murder and Injustice in a Small Town

Ada isn’t just the three-letter answer to the crossword puzzle clue “town in Oklahoma.” It isn’t just the place that old-timers remember passing through as they traveled north from Dallas. It isn’t just my hometown. Ada is the setting for world famous John Grisham’s new nonfiction book about the American justice system and some of its victims.

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