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Banks profit drive spurs student loan scandal

Each month, Jennifer Pae, forks over hundreds of dollars in payments on $40,000 in student loans she owes for her education at the University of California, San Diego.

Calls for gun control grow as nation mourns Va. Killings

As the nation mourned the April 16 shooting deaths of 32 students and faculty members at Virginia Tech, calls mounted for action to curb handguns like the weapons used by the gunman.


Celebrating the archives of the Communist press

If I were to list only a fraction of the names of the thousands of people who wrote for, or cartooned for or in other ways supported the Daily Worker, Western Worker, Daily World, People’s World, Voz del Pueblo and now People’s Weekly World and Nuestro Mundo — in short, the Communist press in all its forms during our 83 years of existence — we’d be here for a long time.

EDITORIAL: Taxes: for what? from whom?

It’s tax season. But what, exactly, does our tax bill pay for? For one, the $161 billion the Bush administration is spending in the coming year on the immiseration of Iraq and Afghanistan. Given that astronomical figure, it’s astonishing that this is only about 14 percent of all military spending.

A call for justice

NEW YORK — The last couple of weeks have been very hard for the Bell family. The grand jury indictments released in March were met with heavy criticism for not going far enough.

Stealing an election New Mexico style

Over the last 100 years, voters in New Mexico have experienced a number of efforts to steal an election: everything from the range wars of the 1870s, the denial of the Indian vote and the terrorizing of Chicanos to modern-day thievery.


Mother on hunger strike for immigrant families

CHICAGO — “I’m real emotional these days, especially because of what’s happening with all the raids and deportations,” said Elvira Arellano. Along with her pastor, the Rev. Walter Coleman, Arellano began a 25-day hunger strike on Good Friday, April 6.

Anti-immigrant law runs aground in courtroom

After a nine-day trial in which civil rights and civil liberties groups challenged a Hazleton, Pa., city ordinance that critics say scapegoats and demonizes immigrants, city officials appeared to fail in their courtroom defense of the law last week.

The debate youre not hearing: immigration and trade

A central fact has gone largely unstated: Corporate globalization and U.S. trade policies have more to do with how many people cross our borders illegally than U.S. immigration policy or any potential reform thereof.

The myth of voter fraud

As Congress probes the firing of eight U.S. attorneys, attention is centering on who knew what, and when. It’s just as important to focus on “why,” such as the reason given for the firing of at least one of the U.S. attorneys, John McKay of Washington state: failure to prosecute the phantom of individual voter fraud.

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