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A decade of fighting old battles in the New South

Much has written about the New South and expanded opportunity for Blacks and others in the old bastion of Confederate pride, but human rights and civil rights leaders in the region point to racial injustice, voter disenfranchisement, workplace violence, violations of women’s rights and other issues as proof that the New South still has its old problems.


Fighting like hell to stop county cuts

The proposed $500 million in cuts will severely affect every county service and devastate the county’s public health care system.

EDITORIAL: The courage of Paul Robeson

In February we celebrate African American History Month. That history has given us some of humanity’s greatest freedom fighters, All of these women and men shared a common characteristic: They drew their strength from the masses, understanding the power of our multiracial working class and its allies to make history in the face of reaction’s stubborn resistance.

EDITORIAL: Senate battleground

The people, at the ballot box, in the halls of Capitol Hill and in the streets, have demanded that Congress act on the Iraq war, the minimum wage and other pressing issues.


Bush budget: billions for greedy, bones for needy

WASHINGTON — President Bush sent a $2.9 trillion “guns not butter” 2008 budget to Congress Feb. 5, loaded with goodies for the rich, for corporations and the war-makers, but bare bones for working people, senior citizens, children and the poor.

State of Black California points to inequalities

A report released last week by the California Legislative Black Caucus titled “The State of Black California” reveals the glaring inequalities faced by the state’s African Americans and Latinos in overall economic well-being, housing, health, education and treatment by the criminal justice system.

GOP squelches Iraq debate War opponents declare, We will not be silenced

WASHINGTON — The antiwar movement voiced outrage that the Republican minority in the Senate voted Feb. 5 to block debate on a bipartisan resolution condemning President Bush’s plan to send an additional 48,000 troops into the bloody Iraq quagmire.


Which trees are best to plant to help combat global warming?

Trees are important tools in the fight to stave off global warming, because they absorb and store the key greenhouse gas emitted by our cars and power plants, carbon dioxide (CO2), before it has a chance to reach the upper atmosphere where it can help trap heat around the Earth’s surface.

Texas Without Ivins: Wholl Keep Us Laughing?

Texas progressives mourn the death of Molly Ivins. Even the people she antagonized most – corporate bigwigs and greedy politicians – are making public lamentations about the loss of our true Texas satirist.

College admissions: a pain in the class

I discovered the dirty little secret of college admissions when I was sitting in the rusty desk-chair in my guidance counselor’s office. The college admissions process is all about class.

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