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Obama projects massive recovery plan

Although nearly two months remain until President-elect Barack Obama takes office, he has moved onto center stage on the deepening economic crisis, declaring he will launch a massive jobs program to jumpstart the economy where it counts: in Main Street communities across America.

Let the nation own Big 3

When H. Gaylord Wilshire sought the Southern California congressional seat in 1890, he ran on a very simple platform: 'Let the Nation own the trust.' The part time farmer and full time reformer was responding to economic abuses of his era not unlike those of the current period. Just as the economic grievances of millions of American farmers, workers and small businessmen might have been resolved in the 1890s by nationalization, in 2008 government ownership of financial institutions and giant corporations could end our current economic crisis.

A letter to my brother Newt Gingrich

From Huffington Post Dear Newt, I recently had the displeasure of watching you bash the protestors of the Prop 8 marriage ban to Bill O'Reilly on FOX News. I must say, after years of watching you build your career by stirring up the fears and prejudices of the far right, I feel compelled to use the words of your idol, Ronald Reagan, 'There you go, again.'

Fight for working people has just begun, labor leaders say

WASHINGTON, D.C. – When you approach the building that houses the national offices of the AFL-CIO in the shadow of the Washington Monument here the first thing you notice is the enormous banner draped over the front of the structure, bulging outward as the wind whips it from behind. The letters that spell “We are turning around America” are so large they can be read from a block away. Indeed, the nation’s labor movement is still celebrating the most massive electoral effort in its history which, it says, helped win a historic victory on Nov. 4, sending Barack Obama to the White House and electing a stronger pro-worker majority of senators and representatives.


Freeze foreclosures and heat up jobs plan, spirited rally tells Congress

CHICAGO – Dozens of labor and community activists rallied here in front of the Federal Building Nov. 21 urging Congress to put a freeze on home foreclosures and to bail out Main Street, not Wall Street, with a stimulus package that includes a national jobs plan.

Whos on deck for Obama appointments?

It's Washington's favorite parlor game during a presidential transition: trying to figure out who'll land a top spot in the new administration.


Communists call for urgent action on crisis

NEW YORK — Communist Party USA leaders meeting here Nov. 15-16 celebrated the election of Barack Obama, the nation’s first African American president, and of stronger Democratic majorities in Congress, saying it opened the way to progressive advances for America’s working families.


Choosing equalitys side

DALLAS — The amazing election results on Nov. 4 have given North Texans, and probably everybody else, enough confidence to enlist in our own local part of the ongoing class and democracy war. For example, it is nothing unusual for church leaders to preach gay-baiting hatred in Texas, but Dallasites are showing that they don’t intend to lie down for it any more.


Bold action needed to rebuild America and create jobs, progressives tell Congress

WASHINGTON — Union leaders and progressive lawmakers at a Nov. 18 conference on Capitol Hill called for emergency action to assist jobless workers and as much as $900 billion for a massive public works jobs program.

Alaska Sen. Ted Stevens loses re-election bid

ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) — Sen. Ted Stevens, the longest serving Republican in Senate history, narrowly lost his re-election bid Tuesday, marking the downfall of a Washington political power and Alaska icon who couldn't survive a conviction on federal corruption charges. His defeat by Anchorage Mayor Mark Begich moves Senate Democrats within two seats of a filibuster-proof 60-vote majority.

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