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The right to vote

Last week’s Supreme Court decision allowing states to require a photo ID to be able to vote is a big step in the wrong direction.

Thinking globally about food

A billion people are at risk of starvation this year, according to United Nations estimates on the impact of rapidly rising food prices. Over half the increase is in major U.S. agricultural commodities like corn (heavily subsidized by U.S. government policy), arising from the conversion of production to “biofuel” products like ethanol. The latter has been championed by George W. Bush — his simple-minded solution to reliance on Mid-East oil. Actually it costs as much energy to make biofuel as is produced when it burns. Fill up an SUV with ethanol and you will consume enough food to feed a child for a year.


McCain endorses health care rip-off

TAMPA, Fla. — Arizona Sen. John McCain, the Republican presidential nominee, unveiled his health care plan at the Moffitt Cancer Center here April 29, calling for private health savings accounts. An hour or so later, Florida union health care workers convened a news conference nearby to blast his scheme as a carbon copy of George W. Bush’s discredited “medical savings accounts.”


Now its about stopping a third term for Bush

Barack Obama became the likely Democratic nominee for president May 6 after a blowout victory over Hillary Clinton in North Carolina and his squeaker of a loss to her in Indiana.

Video/Audio: Labor Says No to Housing Cuts

NEW YORK - Trade unionists, housing activists, and residents of New York City public housing gathered at City Hall today to protest the Bush administration's proposed budget cuts to the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA).

Obamas call for more perfect union stirs millions

Barack Obama’s appeal to the people to join in building a “more perfect union” touched a deep chord among millions of voters weary of division and hate peddled by the corporate ultra-right and their Republican agents in Washington.


Health care workers demand health care

BRONX, N.Y. — Union rights and the right to health care are on the minds of many in this Bronx neighborhood, where 220 health care workers at the Kingsbridge Heights Nursing Home have been on strike since Feb. 20.

Obama speaks with empathy and compassion about racism in America

I am profoundly impressed by Barack Obama's speech on racism in American politics. It is a speech that Hillary Clinton could not have made about any issue, a speech that John McCain would probably sneer at as 'weak,' a speech with broad historical analysis and insight about what has been a central material force or roadblock to progress in North American history from colonial times to the present.

UN panel finds two-tier society in U.S.

UNITED NATIONS, Mar 11 (IPS) - The United States government is drawing fire from international legal experts for its treatment of American Indians, Blacks, Latinos and other racial minorities.

What will it take to bring progressive change?

“I never looked at the primaries before, but this year they got my notice,” a former factory worker now stuck in a low-wage health care job exclaimed to me recently. She stays glued to the election news on TV whenever she can.

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