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Madonna the top-earning musician of 2008

If anyone had any doubt that touring is where the money is in today's music business, a look at Billboard's top moneymakers of 2008 should hammer the point home.

Reform blocked by racist groups

The Southern Poverty Law Center in a recent report charges that three Washington D.C. organizations have racist roots and that they were the most responsible for blocking comprehensive immigration reform in 2007. All three — the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), the Center for Immigration Studies and NumbersUSA — are part of a single chain of lobbyist groups conceived and funded by John Tanton, known as an extreme white nationalist and anti-immigrant culprit, says the law center.


Petitions urge DA to take further action in Oscar Grant murder

OAKLAND, Calif. — The online civil rights advocacy organization Color of Change Feb. 10 presented the Alameda County District Attorney’s office with over 20,000 petition signatures calling on the DA to explain why he is not pursuing charges against a second BART police officer in the fatal shooting of Oscar Grant III.

Financial crisis no reason to drop immigration reform

Immigrants in the United States, as well as activists supporting immigrant workers’ rights, are wondering what the impact of the financial crisis will be on immigration, and on efforts to get a better deal for immigrant workers under the new administration.

San Diego school board offers apology to folk icon Seeger

Nearly a half century ago, amid suspicion and fears of McCarthyism, folk singer Pete Seeger faced an ultimatum from the San Diego school district: Sign an oath against Communism or cancel a concert he planned at a high school auditorium.


'Time for talk has passed,' Obama continues campaign for recovery

President Obama continued to hammer away on the need for speedy passage of the economic stimulus package Tuesday, Feb. 11, after visiting a construction site in Springfield, Virginia.

Obama administration unveils new financial bailout package

The Obama administration Tuesday morning unveiled a new financial bailout package that could top 1.5 trillion dollars to restore the U.S. ailing financial system.

Organize for a green economy, Ellison tells participants in national conference

WASHINGTON (PAI) -- Rep. Keith Ellison, D-Minn., urged 2,000 delegates to the Good Jobs Green Jobs conference to build support in communities across the nation for a new, green economy.

Obama admin. comes out swinging on stimulus plan

Countering Republican criticisms of its economic recovery package, the Obama administration asserted this week that its $800 billion plan meets high standards of transparency, efficiency and cost-effectiveness.


Two Black workers who made history

BALTIMORE — Helen Evans was turning the pages of an album of photos of her father, Joseph P. Henderson, when her eye fell on a picture of him as a Laborers union organizer in Washington, D.C., during the 1940s.

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