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Republicans take step toward killing overtime protection expansion

It's just step one in the Republicans' plan to kill expansion of overtime protection altogether.


Time-off-for-voting: Some states require it, some do not

The laws vary widely from state to state, even for presidential elections.


Sandbagging, cross-selling: Keys to Wells Fargo’s profits

The bank's "fleecing of its customers by opening fraudulent accounts for the purpose of extracting millions in illegal fees shows a culture that promotes wanton greed."


Tenn. Powwow applauds Standing Rock Sioux pipeline opposition

The Sept. 24-25 Powwow is an annual celebration of Native American culture and heritage by American Indians in Middle Tennessee.   


Alternate reality of racist trolls: Trump won!

A glance at the shadier parts of the Internet shortly after the debate shows that the fix was in for Trump, who seems to be buying his own artificially inflated hype.


Ohio senatorial candidate Ted Strickland: "Future of unions is at stake"

"The wealth is not being shared by the workers who created it," he said, "We have the greatest gap in wealth since the 1920's, this has got to stop."


In debate with Clinton, Trump dissolves into incoherent gibberish

Last night, Hillary Clinton spoke directly to the American people about real solutions to the problems facing working families while Trump didn't speak about much of anything at all.


Protest and pride: National African American History Museum opens in DC

It contains photos, diaries, old clothes and other artifacts that had languished in the basements and attics of African American families for many generations.


Working America: Knocking on doors, changing politics

"We reach people where they're at. People are eager to talk about issues that impact their lives, especially working people who have few outlets to tell their stories."


North Carolina Democrats have a shot at winning U.S. Senate seat

With the Republican Party in disarray, and the high approval rating Obama has among North Carolinians, the stage could be set for Deborah Ross to make a serious challenge.

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