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Protest blasts corporate media

PHILADELPHIA – Nearly 300 people protested monopoly control of the media at a rally and march to ABC, NBC and Clear Channel Radio headquarters here on May 12.

Changes are happening to your World/Mundo

CHICAGO – I was talking to a subscriber today and mentioned that our editorial office – the place where these very pages get put together week-after-week – was moving from New York City to Chicago.

Texas Democrats defy GOP power grab

ARDMORE, Okla. – The power grab by President George W. Bush, his advisor Karl Rove, and U.S. Majority Leader Tom DeLay to redraw Texas congressional districts in order to send up to seven new right-wing extremists to the U.S. House of Representatives suffered a serious setback when 53 Democratic lawmakers on May 12 boycotted the Texas House of Representatives.

Extreme poverty up sharply among Black children

The number of African-American children living in the harshest, most extreme conditions of poverty has climbed to its highest level in 23 years, according to a recent study by the Washington DC-based Children’s Defense Fund (CDF).

Job safety worsens under Bush

Job safety and health under the Bush administration features less enforcement and increased big business clout, a new AFL-CIO report titled Death on the Job: A Toll of Neglect, says. The report was released as unions across the country celebrated Worker’s Memorial Day on April 28.

Philly City Council urges healthcare vote

On May 1 the Philadelphia City Council unanimously passed a resolution calling for a ballot referendum on November 4, 2003, for an addition to the City Charter requiring the Department of Health to prepare a plan for universal healthcare coverage that permits every Philadelphian to obtain decent healthcare on a regular basis.

Illinois budget crisis: What to do?

CHICAGO – “The Illinois budget crisis: Taking action to protect people’s needs” will be the theme of a forum to be held Thursday, May 15. Currently the State of Illinois faces a budget deficit of nearly $5 billion in 2004.

National Clips

LAWRENCE, Kansas – People protest war profiteering / CARSON CITY, Nevada – Our state is not a nuclear waste dump / BIRMINGHAM, Alabama – Civil rights ‘foot soldiers’ honored / CHARLESTON, W. Virginia – Stop privatization of Coast Guard

DREAM Act seeks education equity

Imagine this. A mother, trying to escape the poverty of her country, comes to the United States with her three-year-old son. He grows up here. Goes to school and does well. In high school he’s in “the Honors Program and take[s] three Advanced Placement classes.”

Labor and the 2004 elections The view from Iowa and South Carolina

Mark Smith, president of the Iowa AFL-CIO, said his federation is not “doing much” when it comes to the 2004 election. “That comes after the AFL-CIO makes its endorsement. But some of our affiliates are busy,” he added, pointing to the May 17 forum organized by the State, County and Municipal Employees.

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