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EDITORIAL: The courage of Paul Robeson

In February we celebrate African American History Month. That history has given us some of humanity’s greatest freedom fighters, All of these women and men shared a common characteristic: They drew their strength from the masses, understanding the power of our multiracial working class and its allies to make history in the face of reaction’s stubborn resistance.

EDITORIAL: Senate battleground

The people, at the ballot box, in the halls of Capitol Hill and in the streets, have demanded that Congress act on the Iraq war, the minimum wage and other pressing issues.


Bush budget: billions for greedy, bones for needy

WASHINGTON — President Bush sent a $2.9 trillion “guns not butter” 2008 budget to Congress Feb. 5, loaded with goodies for the rich, for corporations and the war-makers, but bare bones for working people, senior citizens, children and the poor.

State of Black California points to inequalities

A report released last week by the California Legislative Black Caucus titled “The State of Black California” reveals the glaring inequalities faced by the state’s African Americans and Latinos in overall economic well-being, housing, health, education and treatment by the criminal justice system.

GOP squelches Iraq debate War opponents declare, We will not be silenced

WASHINGTON — The antiwar movement voiced outrage that the Republican minority in the Senate voted Feb. 5 to block debate on a bipartisan resolution condemning President Bush’s plan to send an additional 48,000 troops into the bloody Iraq quagmire.

College admissions: a pain in the class

I discovered the dirty little secret of college admissions when I was sitting in the rusty desk-chair in my guidance counselor’s office. The college admissions process is all about class.

A good first step on student loans

Polling prior to last fall’s midterm elections indicated that education and the cost of college are top concerns among young people today. With over 2 million more young people voting last year, we made our presence known.

EDITORIAL: Revive New Orleans

As African American History Month opens, New Orleans, a world-renowned vital center of African American history and culture, which figures so large in the story of our nation, continues to reel under the criminal neglect of George W. Bush and his administration, a full year and half after Katrina struck.

Dismal stats call for action: New BLS report shows urgency of Employee Free Choice Act

WASHINGTON (PAI) — The number of unionists declined by 326,000 from 2005 to 2006, dropping to 12 percent of the U.S. labor force, the Bureau of Labor Statistics has reported. But there were big jumps of 52,000 in Arizona and 26,000 in Washington, a small rise in Minnesota, and increases in 17 states, including “red states” Montana and both Carolinas.

EDITORIAL: Super breakthrough

The grand stage in professional sports is the Super Bowl. Amid all the usual accompanying Super Bowl hoopla, for the first time in its 41-year history African Amer-ican coaches will lead their teams onto the field of America’s premier sports event. Super Bowl XLI opens Black History month with a bang.

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