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Summer reading

This eclectic list of summer reading faves from People’s Weekly World/Nuestro Mundo readers and supporters was collected via e-mail and Facebook. Have other ideas? E-mail us ator contact us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/peoplesworld.


Doctor walks 700 miles for health care reform

In an effort to expose the failures of the current health care system, Dr. Ogan Gurel, 45, is trekking nearly 700 miles on foot from Chicago to Washington D.C. in order to bring to the attention of lawmakers the real hardships and suffering of people he meets on the way, when it comes to the lack of health care.


A new science show for Discovery channel junkies

Can science be funny? Renowned astrophysicist Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson does. And that's why he has teamed up with Comedy Central's Lynn Koplitz for a new science-based radio talk show called . Tyson says the show blends comedy, talk and great interviews with all kinds of people, from scientists and artists to TV celebrities like Stephen Colbert and Bill Nye.


George Fishman, a life with a purpose

George M. Fishman, lifelong working class scholar, teacher and activist, passed away peacefully at his New Haven, Conn., home on June 30, at age 92. He was a stalwart champion of quality public education for all children, workers' rights, equality and peace.


Fight to save Troy Davis grows

The NAACP has initiated an “I am Troy Campaign” as part of worldwide effort to prevent the execution of Troy Davis, a 40-year-old man on death row in Georgia. Davis, who is African American, was convicted 20 years ago for the death of a white off-duty police officer, Mark MacPhail. Davis, a former coach, is viewed to be innocent by a broad coalition of including former President Jimmy Carter, the Vatican, Amnesty International, former FBI head William Sessions and conservative Bob Barr. Seven of nine witnesses in the case have recanted their testimony.


Change comes to the Peoples Weekly World/Nuestro Mundo

Can you believe it? It still seems like a dream to me. This fighting, working-class newspaper is back to daily publishing! Following in the footsteps of The Daily Worker and all the other great newspapers that have advocated for workers, for equality and democracy, for peace and socialism, this daily is online and reaching 80,000-100,000 each month at www.pww.org. And we have just begun.

Climate bill moves to Senate

Coalitions of labor and environmental groups cheered the passage of the historic climate change legislation in the House last month. But the hard work for a similar bill in the Senate has just begun, they added.


Remembering Michael Jackson

I think the first album I ever bought was by the Jackson Five. It was at a record store on Hillman and Kenmore Street in Youngstown, Ohio, and I rushed home to jam to the bubble gum beat and the saccharine sound of Michael Jackson. Today, neither the store, the vinyl LPs, nor Michael Jackson exist.


Make the Dream Act a reality, immigrant youth say

CHICAGO – Most people are familiar with the popular catchphrase, “youth are the future.” Youth coined in this saying are dubbed to become the next generation of educated leaders in their communities and their country. Young people who graduate from high school and go onto college are likely to fit this wishful description.

Astonishing speed and breadth of pww.org

Tim Yeager, who was interviewed in a recent article on our web site, says he was “astonished at the speed of the article, not only going up on the web site, but also the speed it was picked up by news media and blogs and made its way around the world.”

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