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Clean coal a contradiction in terms

The coal industry and their army of lobbyists always made sure that enough palms were greased in Washington so that whatever rules and regulations were passed always favored them. To have friends in high places was an asset, but it was bought with the blood and lives of countless of miners working under dangerous and difficult conditions where productivity was always primary.

Movie Review: 'Hunger'

Before Belfast has awakened in Steve McQueen’s “Hunger” — which won a Golden Camera Award for best first feature at Cannes and a Gold Hugo at the Chicago International Film Festival — we see Ray Lohan (Stuart Graham) come out of his house.

Recession hits Social Security and Medicare

The recession has taken a big bite out of Medicare and Social Security, according to the latest reports from the trustees of both of those programs released this week. In both cases, rising unemployment, now at a 25-year high, has impacted the financial strength of the trust funds that finance benefits to retirees and disabled people.

What now on health care reform?

With the new balance of forces in Washington, a path has opened for us to achieve a first, true step towards turning around our nation’s health care crisis and achieving quality, affordable health care for everyone.


Retired shingle mill worker contributes to PWW fund goal

FORKS, WA---It took Roberta Wood a 2,000 mile plane ride, two ferries, two transit bus rides and a long drive around Lake Crescent to visit Carl Lausche in the West End of Clallam County, WA. Lausche, 86, lives in a comfortable new mobile home in a clearing behind his daughter Linda’s house surrounded by miles of deep evergreen forest, mountains, and glacial rivers that teem with salmon and steelhead. The region is famed for receiving 114 inches, 12 feet of rain annually.


Spirited May Day Rally raises worker activism and funds

NEW HAVEN, Conn. -- International workers' solidarity was in the air at the People's Weekly World May Day rally, 'No Cuts - No Layoffs - Tax the Rich,' on Sunday, May 5. The jammed hall greeted a powerpoint photo presentation of workers confronting the economic crisis on every continent followed by a panel discussion by Connecticut union leaders.

Howard Dean: Public health insurance is 'core fight'

Winning a public health insurance option for all Americans is the “core fight” in the health care reform battle, former Gov. Howard Dean told more than 1,300 people in a national online conference organized by MoveOn.org. last night.

Coalition hails budget win as 'down payment'

The Coalition on Human Needs (CHN) and other defenders of low and middle income people greeted Congress’ passage of a $3.44 trillion FY-2010 Budget Resolution with billions for healthcare, education and “green jobs.”

OPINION: Cuba and Venezuela are not enemies

The Obama administration did the right thing when it ordered the closing of the Guantanamo torture prison, and restored the right of Cuban Americans to travel and send remittances to their relatives on the island nation.


Health care reform rally: Yes we can!

CLEVELAND HEIGHTS – Repeatedly chanting “Yes, We Can,” some 600 labor, retiree and community activists loudly voiced determination to win health care reform this year at a rally April 17 sponsored by Health Care for America NOW (HCAN).

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