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Prescription drugs under Medicare

For seniors, Medicare reform means getting a comprehensive drug benefit under traditional Medicare that is affordable and stable in price. They like preventive benefits and favor reforms that maintain Medicare as a program in which everyone contributes and everyone gets the same guaranteed benefits.

National Clips

WASHINGTON, DC: ‘Bring the troops home, now’ / SAN FRANCISCO: Halt first strike / SARASOTA, Fla.: Peace activists sit in at Harris Office / FORT WORTH, Texas: Machinists shut down Lockheed Martin / RALEIGH (County), W.V.: Coal Miner’s daughter fights Massey Energy

LA City Council: Let immigrants drive

LOS ANGELES – State legislation that would allow undocumented immigrants to obtain driver’s licenses won the support of the Los Angeles City Council recently and passed through the state Senate Transportation Committee April 2. The latter is the first step in an effort to revive a bill that has become a litmus test for Governor Gray Davis (D) in the Latino community.

Communist Party to hold conference on health care

In an effort to help mobilize and organize its members for action, the Communist Party is calling an emergency national conference, “The Crisis in Healthcare and the Fightback,” set for New York City on May 17 and 18.