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Grassroots base organizing for Obama's reelection

"I'm tired of the disrespect for President Obama," Elaine Price told the cheering convention participants.

Illinois set to be battleground for Congressional seats in November elections

There are at least five battleground races that could help restore a Democratic majority.


GOP budget vs the people

would destroy the American Dream and, according to AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka,, "establish a government of, by and for the 1percent."The budget proposes the unleashing of numerous additional reductions in the living standards of working people.


Poll: Working-class swing voters favor Obama

Millions of working-class swing voters, some with moderate, and even some with conservative views, may be poised to vote for President Barack Obama.

Highway mass transit bill hits rocky road

The GOP-run House has split into warring factions over its version - so much so that Republican leaders are threatening their own caucus.


Martin Sheen touts, Occupy Wall Street, Obama presidency

Actor Martin Sheen credits the Occupy Wall Street movement with changing the debate in the country and creating a new framework for this year's election.


Romney comes to Michigan, bashing unions

Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney came to Michigan the day after Valentine's Day, but he wasn't showing any love for the state's union members.

Pennsylvania attorney general race could play “keystone” role for 2012

Pennsylvania's attorney general contest could be key to how the crucial Keystone State goes in November.


Group pushes misinformation about payday loan initiative

"Missourians for Equal Credit Opportunity" opposes the ballot initiative so much that it is spreading misinformation in an attempt to intimidate supporters.

Elections in Virginia, the “Old Dominion”

In recent decades, social and demographic changes, as well as the victories of the Civil Rights movement, have been eroding Virginia's reputation as a bulwark of reaction.

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