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Philadelphia to cut city jobs

PHILADELPHIA – Mayor John Street presented his $3.3 billion Budget for fiscal year 2004 to the city council, Jan. 29, a budget that will cut more than 500 city jobs this year and 1,614 by 2008. He said the cuts were necessary to prevent an $830 million deficit by 2008.

Environment groups warn about Bush cuts

The United States’ largest environmental organizations are bracing themselves for what they say will be an unprecedented assault on environmental laws in the new Congress and throughout the next two years of the Bush administration. Across the board on issues of clean air, clean water and natural resource conservation, the Bush administration has already demonstrated its willingness to override public opinion and public health concerns to weaken environmental regulations, according to a panel of environmental experts who spoke at a briefing in Washington, D.C.

National Clips

DULUTH, Minn.: Freighters iced in: Peace marchers free Lake Superior shipping is locked by ice and -13 degree weather but on January 25, 3,000 residents filled the streets of this port city demanding peace with Iraq. Families and contingents from local unions, active and retired iron ore miners, religious groups, professionals, doctors and lawyers, seemed to appear from nowhere, organizers said. With all their organization banners fluttering, the groupmarched five blocks to the Federal Building for a short rally.

Reclaiming the Lenin statue in Seattle

As this paper has written about once before, in 1994, the city of Seattle became home to a Lenin statue that had originally been constructed in Slovakia. It was placed in the Fremont neighborhood, known by locals as “The Center of the Universe.”

World mourns Columbia crew

DALLAS, Texas – Even as the nation and the world mourn for astronauts Rick Husband, Laurel Clark, Kalpana Chawla, David Brown, Michael Anderson, William McCool, and Ilan Ramon, people here and around the world seek answers to questions about the loss of the Shuttle Columbia, Feb. 1.