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As reports of compromise appear, push grows for public option

As President Obama continues his push for comprehensive health care reform and as reports emerge about “compromises” designed to win backing from Senate Blue Dog Democrats and Republicans, Health Care for America Now, a huge national coalition, and some unions have launched a new $650,000 television ad campaign targeting GOP leaders in the House and Senate and Republican members of Congress.


President Obama challenges GOP 'misinformation' on health care reform

President Barack Obama got right to the point on health care reform and answered every GOP charge at the July 22 White House press conference.

Health care drive in high gear

Major hospital associations, pledging to save more than $150 billion over 10 years, were the latest big industry group to jump aboard what has become the Health Care Express. Meeting with Vice President Biden today, they said the savings can help pay for health care to those without insurance.


July 4th demonstrator's cry: Health care now!

PORT ANGELES, WA., July 5---Thousands of onlookers stood and applauded along the July 4 parade route in this paper-mill town as marchers walked by with banners demanding health-care reform and chanting “48 million uninsured. SHAME!” and “Health Care Now!”

Obama pushes health care overhaul

At a news conference Tuesday at the White House President Barack Obama called for the creation of a national health care system that would cover the 47 million now without insurance, a clean energy economy, and for the Iranian government to stop its attacks on political opponents.

Health care is a human right!

Thousands of healthcare advocates attended “Healthcare Kickoff“ house parties and meetings across the nation June 6 to mobilize a grassroots fight to push through Congress a healthcare plan with a strong public healthcare option by the end of August

Preserving health after organ transplants

Since the end of the 2008 season, Halas Hall has seen its share of new team members roaming the hallways from offensive lineman Frank Omi and free safety Josh Bullocks to returning player, Kevin Jones. I am looking forward to when we’ll all be back on the field to begin our training for the upcoming football season and hopefully Super Bowl XLIV.

Rx gap hits Blacks, Latinos

The Nation’s Health Workers’ Safety Working-age African Americans and Latinos are much more likely than white Americans to report they cannot afford all of their prescription drugs, according to a new study by the Center for Studying Health System Change (HSC).

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