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Protest and pride: National African American History Museum opens in DC

It contains photos, diaries, old clothes and other artifacts that had languished in the basements and attics of African American families for many generations.


Today in U.S. history: Racists bomb Birmingham church, kill 4 children

Many martyrs died in the cause of freedom, but none touched the conscience of the nation and the world more deeply than the terrorist murder of these four children.


The Paul Lavietes story comes to light: A victory over McCarthyism

Except for the fact that he did not enjoy the renown of screenwriter Dalton Trumbo, Lavietes' story is just as inspiring.


This week in history: National Hispanic Heritage Month begins September 15

We recognize the contributions made and the important presence of Hispanic and Latin Americans to the U.S. and celebrate their heritage and culture.


Progressive NYC congressman Vito Marcantonio remembered 62 years after his death

Members and supporters of the Vito Marcantonio Forum gathered on August 28 to remember the legacy of the progressive congressman.


Why not a “no first use” for nuclear weapons?

Members of the international peace group Global Network traveled to California's Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, to stand again with victims of nuclear war.


Meeropol brothers launch petition to exonerate their mother, Ethel Rosenberg

In the light of newly uncovered evidence, a campaign is now underway to exonerate Ethel Rosenberg.


This week in history: Robert Carter III starts freeing his slaves

Carter came of legal age in 1749; by then he owned 6500 acres of land and 100 slaves. Within his lifetime he freed 452 slaves, and more following his death.


This week in history: The SS Andrea Doria sinks off Nantucket

Unanswered questions about the tragedy, and questions of cause and blame, have haunted survivors and investigators for 60 years.


“No touching” through the border’s iron bars

Sunday is the day for families to meet through the border wall. The couple had come to see their daughter, Florita Galvez.

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