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Latino population grows in U.S.

At the recently concluded convention of the League of United Latin American Citizens, Louis Kincannon, director of the U.S. Census Bureau, announced that Latinos became the country’s largest minority group in July 2002. The Latino population grew 9.8 percent since April 2000 to 38.8 million, about 500,000 more than the African American population.

Sports, leadership and politics

Opinion As a senior on the Manhattanville College basketball team, Toni Smith drew wide media attention when she turned her back on the flag before games last winter to protest the impending war on Iraq.

Register voters in 2003: get started now for 2004

Opinion It’s tough to pay attention to politics while beaches beckon and the beauty of our national and state forests and parks offers relaxation, recreation and adventure. With baseball, softball, family reunions, concerts and cookouts, it’s hard to think about politics.

Stop privatization of public hospitals

“The County is getting out of the business of providing health care services to people who can’t pay,” said a hospital administrator at Kino Community Hospital in Tucson, Ariz., according to employees there. On June 17, the Board of Supervisors held a hearing to privatize the hospital and close the general medical and emergency room services, converting Kino to a private psychiatric facility.

Pennsylvanians rally for education justice

HARRISBURG, Penn. – Several thousand people from throughout Pennsylvania rallied on the Capitol steps for “education justice” for all students in the state on June 26. Speakers called for adequate, equitable funding for all students.

Protests hit genetic engineering

When over 2,500 protesters rallied and marched against the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Ministerial Conference in Sacramento on June 23, the streets were filled with hundreds of police officers decked out in Darth Vader-like riot gear and the latest weaponry.

Why the shift to a socialist market economy?

In the mid-1970s, a system-wide noncyclical economic crisis of the planned economies of the USSR and the European socialist countries began to appear. This crisis was unlike the cyclical crises of capitalist economies.

Tulia victims released from jail

AUSTIN, Texas – All Joe Moore wanted to do after being freed from a Texas prison on June 16 was to go home, eat some barbecued ribs, and take a hot bath.

Rosenbergs legacy saluted, celebrated

NEW YORK – Does it seem odd that the commemoration of the execution 50 years ago of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg for a crime they didn’t commit would be a joyous affair?

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PITTSBURGH, Penn.: Goodyear talks break off / PHILADELPHIA, Penn.: Stop war, repression! / NASHVILLE, Tenn. & OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla.: Defending the Bill of Rights / CHARLESTON, W.Va.: Vigil against anti-Semitism / SACRAMENTO, Calif.: Public school giveaway halted

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