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Depp fills big screen, yet plot shrinks it

A film expert once told me that historic “period” movies are more about current events and context than they are about that historic time or character. So I was particularly excited to see “Public Enemies.” What would a historic movie about a Robin Hood-like gangster who lived during the Great Depression when millions of people were out of work while banks were still making lot of money have to say about today? People hated the banks then, people hate the banks now. Seems like a sure thing.


Summer reading

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Fight to save Troy Davis grows

The NAACP has initiated an “I am Troy Campaign” as part of worldwide effort to prevent the execution of Troy Davis, a 40-year-old man on death row in Georgia. Davis, who is African American, was convicted 20 years ago for the death of a white off-duty police officer, Mark MacPhail. Davis, a former coach, is viewed to be innocent by a broad coalition of including former President Jimmy Carter, the Vatican, Amnesty International, former FBI head William Sessions and conservative Bob Barr. Seven of nine witnesses in the case have recanted their testimony.

Climate bill moves to Senate

Coalitions of labor and environmental groups cheered the passage of the historic climate change legislation in the House last month. But the hard work for a similar bill in the Senate has just begun, they added.


Make the Dream Act a reality, immigrant youth say

CHICAGO – Most people are familiar with the popular catchphrase, “youth are the future.” Youth coined in this saying are dubbed to become the next generation of educated leaders in their communities and their country. Young people who graduate from high school and go onto college are likely to fit this wishful description.