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NYC renters revolt for home rule

Unique to U.S. cities, New York is a city of renters. Almost two-thirds of us rent the apartments we call home. In New York, being a renter is often lifelong and the only circumstance under which the not super-rich can live, work and raise children in the city.

EDITORIAL: Hot topics

A sweltering heat wave blanketed much of the United States this past week, with thermometers soaring well over 100 degrees in some places. The scorching temperatures sent millions of people searching for relief.


Women face radical right in fight for reproductive rights

As we enter the 21st century, the status of women is unrecognizable, certainly compared to a century ago, but even to what it was 20-30 years ago.


Immigrant rights groups put unity in action

SAN FRANCISCO — From the panelists speaking for a spectrum of immigrant communities, to the chants in globe-spanning languages that closed the program, the Community Forum on Immigration, Labor and Interracial Alliances was all about bringing immigrant communities together in action with labor, the religious community and other people’s organizations.

Educators challenge No Child Left Behind

As teachers unions geared up for campaigns to challenge the Bush administration’s troubled education law, the No Child Left Behind Act, up for reauthorization next year, the U.S. Education Department quietly released a blockbuster report concluding that public schools perform as well as, and sometimes better than, private schools.


NAACP vows to fight vote suppression

WASHINGTON — As 3,000 NAACP convention-goers applauded, Julian Bond, the chair of the nation’s largest civil rights group, accused the Republican ultra-right of scheming to block or suppress Black and other minority votes in this year’s midterm election.