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Puerto Rican parade features Latinos for Obama

Chanting "O-BA-MA, O-BA-MA," a feisty contingent of the recently formed Latinos for Obama marched in the front of Cleveland's annual Puerto Rican Parade


Supreme Court strikes down most of Arizona immigration law

The U.S. Supreme Court struck down three parts of Arizona's immigration law today, but permitted one of the key parts to stand in a split decision.


Obama builds commanding lead among Latinos

Latinos seem to be increasingly certain as to who is on their side and who is not.


DREAMers end sit-in at Obama office

Chants of "Undocumented, unafraid!" continued for several minutes as the strikers greeted and hugged those in the crowd.


DREAM Act has majority support, but not Rubio “plan”

The vast majority of people in the United States support the DREAM Act.


DREAMers in Denver protest deportations, private prisons for immigrants

Undocumented youths from the Campaign for the American Dream arrived here just a few days ago, and are already changing things.


Texas primary election teaches lessons

Tthe Republican-dominated Statehouse redistricted Texas so that, in spite of a gigantic population gain by Democratic-leaning Latinos, Republicans could be sure of taking three of the new congressional seats.


Coalition steps up fight against Alabama anti-immigrant law

They will, in effect, tell Alabama's governor and legislature, "If we can't appeal to your humanity, then we will appeal to your pocketbooks."


In the “other Chicago,” mental health patients out of options

Millions gathered in the Windy City for the NATO summit. But over in the "other Chicago" - the inner city, Latino and African American-majority neighborhoods, people are suffering.


Undocumented youth, Latino voters protest Romney in Indiana

Braving the elements, undocumented youth and Latino voters from acros Indiana came out to voice opposition to Mitt Romney's extreme immigration rhetoric.

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