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Calif. govs ballot measures rev up opposition

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s road trip last week to gather signatures on three pet ballot measures has raised the likelihood of a special election later this year featuring a series of anti-people initiatives. Labor and community organizations are springing into action in response.

New York City upholds lead law

By a vote of 44-5, the New York City Council recently overturned Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s veto of lead legislation that has been debated for over a decade. The voice of the New York City Council was clear.

New hope for saving Philly hospital

PHILADELPHIA – Gov. Ed Rendell and the for-profit Tenet Healthcare Corp. reached an agreement Feb. 20 to keep Medical College of Pennsylvania (MCP) Hospital open until June 30, while a buyer is being sought.

Chicago energy scheme called murder

Chicago – The exposé of a $300 million rip-off by Peoples Gas and Enron of residential heating customers has created a storm of anger here. In response, consumer advocates are demanding immediate restoration of gas to 13,000 residents who suffered this winter without heat. At least 13 people have frozen to death.

Great Game for oil & power

In March 2001 Secretary of Energy Spencer Abraham told the National Energy Security Summit that “America faces a major energy supply crisis over the next two decades.

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The health bridge is falling down

Ever heard of COBRA? You probably have if you lost a job and were offered the opportunity to keep your health coverage. Under the 1986 Consolidated Omnibus Benefit Reconciliation Act (COBRA), workers who are laid off must be offered, by their employer, the opportunity to purchase their existing coverage for up to 18 months.

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Epidemics and cutbacks grip NYC

Community health epidemics are now facing almost every big city in the country and some rural areas also.

Real estate market explosion gone bust

Open up the classified section in your local newspaper and you, unlike the most esteemed economic minds in the country, might notice two things. Number one, though I will not dwell on it here, is that there are not enough jobs to go around. Number two is that the amount of real estate in the market has reached gargantuan proportions.

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