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When housing dreams become nightmares

“Buy a house and it is yours” is a powerful dream. However the deregulation of the banking industry, one of capitalism’s more mysterious and predatory creatures, started by the Reagan administration, is a large pin pricking the dream bubble.


Immokalee workers may launch boycott of McDs

CHICAGO — Imagine waking up every morning, still dark outside, and then have to pick tomatoes for a typical 10-hour workday, seven days a week, with armed guards watching over you.


Party of hope archives show living history

NEW YORK — This wasn’t your usual trip to the library. At New York University’s Tamiment Library, March 23, people jammed in to sit on folding chairs or stand shoulder-to-shoulder and listen to speakers tell of the Communist Party USA’s contributions to American labor and democratic rights.


Students sit in to save schools

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — As hundreds of students, parents and concerned citizens chanted “No takeover,” the Missouri Board of Education voted 5-1 to strip accreditation from the 32,000-student St. Louis City Public Schools March 23.

EDITORIAL: Wall Street tumbles ...

The question, “Are we heading into a recession?” has been hanging like a dark cloud over Wall Street since the Dow Jones industrial average plunged 416 points Feb. 27, the stock market’s worst day since Sept. 11, 2001.

Labor making its voice heard

Effects of organized labor’s drive for action on a working families agenda continued to be felt last week even though Congress was not in session.

Govs confront Bush on kid care

The human impact in the U.S. of the trillion-dollar Iraq war and Bush tax cuts for the super-rich boiled to the surface at the annual National Governor’s Association (NGA) winter meeting.

Veterans health care completely broken, Walter Reed scandal called tip of iceberg

WASHINGTON — Army Lt. Brady Van Engelen barely survived a sniper bullet that shattered his skull while he was patrolling outside a Sunni mosque in Baghdad in April 2004. But, he told the World, the medical care system for the thousands of returning combat veterans like him is “completely broken.”