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Tell Congress to Stop the War on Birth Control

Birth control. It’s used by 98 percent of American women. It’s healthy, safe, and effective. It reduces the number of abortions. It’s basic health care. We can all agree on that much, right?

American Indian mascots harm students

A University of North Dakota survey using the strict guidelines of the Institutional Review Board shows that the university’s Fighting Sioux team name and logo has real effects on students.

EDITORIAL: Standing up for a free press

Do the American people have a right to know what their government is doing? For President Bush and members of his administration, the given answer would be a resounding “no.” Listening to the administration, one would get the impression that it believes that every time the press refuses to roll over and play dead the press is unpatriotic, even treasonous.


Teamsters drive card-check campaign at Overnite

LAS VEGAS (PAI) — Reviving a campaign they suspended several years ago, the Teamsters will try to organize the 15,000 drivers for Overnite Transportation, but with a difference: they will do so via card-check.


High court overrules tribunals

WASHINGTON — Defenders of civil liberties hailed the Supreme Court’s 5-3 decision July 1 that President Bush has no authority to try thousands of detainees in military tribunals at the U.S. detention center at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, and at other U.S. military prisons around the world.

On the Fourth, Read the Declaration of Impeachment

Veterans for Peace has drafted a Declaration of Impeachment using nothing but excerpts from the Declaration of Independence (plus a few words in parentheses). It reads as follows, and should be read at picnics and protests on the Fourth of July:


BOOK REVIEW: Alaskan landscape teems with life

Author Lesley Thomas recently passed a milestone. Her first novel, “Flight of the Goose: A Story of the Far North,” has now sold over 1,000 copies, a magic number that means critics are taking notice. It is a saga set in the Bering Strait region of Alaska where she grew up in an interracial Inupiaq-white family.


Fight to defend undocumented youth

BOSTON — Mario Rodas graduated from Chelsea High School last year with honors and hoped to go to college to study computer science. But that was not to happen for the 19-year-old Guatemalan youth. Immigration and Customs (ICE) agents arrested Rodas for being an undocumented immigrant.


GOP schemes to gut Voting Rights Act

WASHINGTON — The civil rights movement has appealed for an outpouring of messages to Congress demanding that it stop far-right Republican stalling and pass HR 9, a bipartisan bill to extend the Voting Rights Act of 1965 for another 25 years.


National Parks seriously compromised by cuts

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Visiting a national park this summer? If so, you should expect reduced law enforcement protection, longer emergency response times, fewer lifeguards, scaled back water and trail safety patrols, dirtier campgrounds and other visibly deteriorating facilities and resources, according to a major new report based on a 37-park review by the Coalition of National Park Service Retirees (CNPSR).

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