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Desperately seeking Arnold

Big as he is, it’s not easy to find Calif. gubernatorial candidate Arnold Schwarzenegger. If you dial 411, his campaign office is not listed. Use the Google search bar on your computer and you can’t find his office address.

Provide health care for vets

The military newspaper Army Times, in an angry editorial denouncing planned cuts in imminent danger pay, family separation allowances for active soldiers, and payments to families of soldiers who are killed on active duty, says the cuts “make the Bush administration look mean spirited and hypocritical.”

Older women: Fodder for profit mill?

Historically ageism and sexism have come together nicely in the arena of menopause – nicely for profit-making, that is. Menopause is a normal, natural part of women’s aging, but has been transformed into a medical problem, complete with lab tests for diagnosis, a disease label, and a treatment that threatens women’s health-hormone replacement therapy (HRT).

Sacramento clamps down on free speech

The Sacramento City Council appears to be doing John Ashcroft’s dirty work by having passed two unconstitutional ordinances, 2003-026 and 2003-028, that suppress freedom of speech. The Council unanimously voted for the secretive resolutions on June 17, just prior to the USDA Conference on Biotech and Agriculture, June 23-25.

National Clips

Petoskey, Mich.:Nurses demand respect, patient care / Tucson, Ariz.:Retirees rally to save Medicare / Patterson, N.J.:Hunger striker in critical condition

Tucson protests Bush visit

TUCSON, Ariz. – Over 1,700 spirited demonstrators greeted President George W. Bush when he arrived for a brief visit to the area on Aug. 11. Bush came to Tucson to push the administration’s misnamed “Healthy Forest Initiative,” a measure that would serve the interests of the logging industry in the name of fire protection.

Bush lies, who dies?

* Demand an independent investigation of Bush’s lies * Grassroots Congressional Action Days, Aug. 25-29

Leaders urge no vote on Prop. 54

LOS ANGELES – Civil rights leaders and public officials announced their opposition to Proposition 54 at an Aug. 12 press conference on the steps of City Hall here.

Vets in same boat as injured workers

Sick and injured war veterans and victims of industrial workplace accidents have a lot in common. Both are treated disgracefully.

The Office of Tax Propaganda

The honesty-impaired Bush administration does not limit its deception to weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. When it comes to taxes, the spin starts when they call their program the “Jobs and Growth Tax Relief Act of 2003.”

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