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Why we march today

Three of my four grandparents hailed from far-flung places: Spain, Puerto Rico, Italy. They struggled to get ahead, learned English (or didn’t), raised children.

Black Caucus hears call: Defeat Bush, GOP

WASHINGTON – Anger at the Bush administration for waging war abroad and attacking rights at home bubbled up at the Congressional Black Caucus 33rd Legislative Conference here Sept. 24-27.

National Clips

HOLLYWOOD, Calif.: Thousands demand ‘U.S. out of Iraq!’ / OXFORD, Ohio: Miami U workers, profs, students for living wages / NEW YORK: Immigrants win rights to privacy / MONTGOMERY, Ala.: The fight is on for voting rights

Wisconsin readers reach $3,500 goal

With a $170 donation from longtime People’s Weekly World/Nuestro Mundo supporter John Gilman last week, Wisconsin World/Mundo readers reached their goal of raising $3,500 for the newspaper’s 2003 Fund Drive.

Culture or clutter? Dont Pick up da phone

If we act fast we can get 1,000 anytime minutes for only $30 a month. Now we can all afford to talk to anyone anywhere anytime.

The weeks baseball wind-ups

The Thrill and the Agony With six games to play in the regular season, only two teams have clinched their division titles:

Blacked out Baltimore asks why?

BALTIMORE – George W. Bush flew to Richmond, Va., Sept. 22, surveying a region with one million households without electricity six days after Hurricane Isabel barreled through.

Corporate America and far-right buy grassroots campaigns

A mockery of democracy Back in July, Judge Charles McCoy dismissed a lawsuit filed in Los Angeles by Taxpayers Against the Governor’s Recall charging widespread fraud in the collection of 1.6 million signatures which forced the special Oct. 7 election on the recall of California Gov. Gray Davis.

Bush attacks OSHA

This year’s proposed budget has the Bush administration cutting the already meager budgets of the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration and the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health.

The fight to close corporate tax loopholes

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – The Coalition to Protect Education and Health Care, a non-partisan group of concerned parents, teachers, health care employees, seniors, and working families, rallied here on Sept. 9 at the state capital urging the General Assembly to close corporate tax loopholes and restore funding for education.

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