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Native Americans, pipelines, and journalists: How to cover disasters

Native protesters say they have been demonized and misrepresented, and many of the people covering their stories do not respect their culture.


Groups bring cross-cultural solidarity to Standing Rock

It was a wet and windy weekend at the Standing Rock Reservation, N.D. but weather was the least of the problems facing protestors.


L.A. protest calls out security firm for involvement in attack on DAPL protesters

A broad coalition of Native rights, environmentalist and other community groups staged the action on Sept. 7. 


Video shows company intimidation at Standing Rock Sioux protests

"This demolition is devastating. These grounds are the resting places of our ancestors."


Mercenary thugs attack Dakota Pipeline protesters with dogs

Eyewitness accounts and video footage show peaceful protesters assaulted by private security guards and attack dogs following the bulldozing and destruction of sacred burial sites.








Native demonstration against pipeline held at law offices in Bismarck

Standing Rock Sioux and their allies demonstrated at the offices of the law firm, Fredrikson and Byron to protest the firm's representation of Energy Transfer Partners.


Colorado River Indian tribes lead the way in evicting latter-day settlers

A federal judge has ruled in favor of one group of Native American tribes that is evicting white settlers from reservation land.


Native Americans defy Andrew Jackson Day Dinner

Tennessee Democrats may wish to reconsider their decision to commemorate one of the perpetrators of genocide against Native Americans.


Horrific police killing of young Navajo mother Loreal Tsingine

Loreal Tsingine, a 27-year-old Navajo mother, was shot to death by police in Ariz.; Native Americans express outrage, saying it is part of genocide.


Cherokee war chief led armed struggle against white settlers 235 years ago

Native Americans and others from throughout the state commemorated the life of the great Cherokee war chief, Dragging Canoe, with a celebration.

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