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Asians, Latinos, immigrants vote in record numbers

The We Are America Alliance (WAAA), a nonprofit, nonpartisan national coalition of 14 groups said in a post-election press conference that there was a record turnout of Asian, Latino and immigrant voters on Nov. 4.

It aint over til its over

The Georgia AFL-CIO has plunged into the fight to oust Republican Sen. Saxby Chambliss and elect Vietnam veteran Jim Martin, a liberal pro-labor Democrat, in Georgia’s Dec. 2 runoff election.

OPINION: New opportunity for immigration reform

With the new Obama administration and an enhanced Democratic majority in Congress, we can make new advances on immigrants' rights. In the last few years the Bush administration dropped all pretense of being immigrant-friendly. Enforcement actions were greatly increased.

The youth vote was a driving force for Obama

More young voters cast their vote this past election than in recent history helping to elect the country’s first African American president, Barack Obama. Since 2000 the youth vote has been in question with many wondering if they would make a difference this time around.


Panel: New media has profound impact on politics

WASHINGTON (PAI)—New media, led by Internet phenomena such as YouTube, blogs, e-mails and Twitter, are having a profound impact on the nation’s political dialogue, a panel convened Oct. 23 by the League of Women Voters says.

Dems could sweep congressional races

A growing tide of support for Barack Obama, including endorsements by several prominent Republicans, is helping propel a potential “sweep” for Democrats in the House and Senate. Most notable was this month’s endorsement by Colin Powell, who cited “the vitriol and bigotry and prejudice” of the McCain-Palin campaign.