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Florida court blocks Medicaid-funded abortions

Continuing to put women’s health at risk, Florida’s Third District Court of Appeals issued an opinion Sept. 3 refusing to overturn Florida’s ban on Medicaid-funded abortions.

Tulia 35 pardoned

Joe Moore and 34 co-defendants in the Tulia, Texas, drug bust fiasco were pardoned on Aug. 22 by Gov. Rick Perry. Perry’s pardon clears the 60-year-old Moore, who is African American, of charges that he sold cocaine to special undercover investigator Tom Coleman of the Panhandle Regional Narcotics Task Force.

City of Dallas Proclamation on the Immigrant Workers Freedom Ride

Dallas is home to a diverse immigrant and refugee population that have shared in the building of our nation and contribute to making America a land of ethnic and multicultural diversity

North Texas welcomes Freedom Ride

When KNON radio listeners in North Texas heard Syed Hassan speak about the Immigrant Workers Freedom Ride (IWFR) on the morning of Sept. 3, they could tell that he was proud of his adopted country but concerned about preserving civil rights for all.

Estrada withdrawal: Huge victory

In a victory for proponents of labor rights, civil liberties and civil rights, judicial nominee Miguel Estrada withdrew his name for consideration for a judgeship on the on the District of Columbia Circuit Court of Appeals. Estrada withdrew his name in a letter to the president on Sept. 4.

Victory for immigrant rights: Gov. Davis signs drivers license bill

LOS ANGELES – California Gov. Gray Davis made history on Sept. 5 when he signed a bill that will give an estimated two million undocumented immigrants the right to a driver’s license in this state.

National Clips

NASHVILLE, Tenn.: Bush jeered on campaign trail / HARTFORD, Conn.: Machinists fight to save jobs / SAN ANTONIO, Texas: Texans debate USA Patriot Act / WASHINGTON: Farmers demand safe milk

Protesters assail Ashcroft, Patriot Act

BOSTON – Over a thousand people took a detour from going to work or class on Sept. 9 to protest a visit from Attorney General John Ashcroft to historic Faneuil Hall where he held an invitation-only meeting to sell the USA Patriot Act.

Anti-recall crowds grab PWW/NM in California

DELANO, Calif. – “May I have three more copies for my friends?” said a farm worker at a United Farm Worker rally here last weekend. He was referring to that week’s edition of the People’s Weekly World with a front page headline, “California Labor Thunders: No Recall.”