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Syrian refugees more welcome in Wisconsin than Walker?

Despite conservative cajoling, voters recognized that Scott Walker just wasn't presidential material.


Southern mayors rebuke fear mongers; welcome refugees

Shortly after the governor of Florida told CNN News that he wants no Syrian refugees in his state, Mayor Andrew Gillum of Tallahassee, the state capital, said he will welcome them.


Obama postpones Congress Syria vote

President Obama has asked Congress to delay a vote on authorizing a U.S. attack on Syria, and Americans opposed to the attack emphasize the importance of continuing public pressure on Congress and the White House for a diplomatic solution.


Immigration reform fight continues amid Syria debate

The question now is whether the Syria situation and the threat of a new partisan war over the debt ceiling will derail immigration reform efforts.


Public opposition could be key in Congress Syria vote

Polls show substantial public opposition to a military strike on Syria, even "limited" strikes to deter chemical weapons use.