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Local lawmakers unite to combat anti-Muslim attacks

Some 530 elected officials from across the country yesterday released an open letter condemning the rising scourge of attacks on immigrants and Muslims.


Republicans take step toward killing overtime protection expansion

It's just step one in the Republicans' plan to kill expansion of overtime protection altogether.


Tenn. Powwow applauds Standing Rock Sioux pipeline opposition

The Sept. 24-25 Powwow is an annual celebration of Native American culture and heritage by American Indians in Middle Tennessee.   


Ohio senatorial candidate Ted Strickland: "Future of unions is at stake"

"The wealth is not being shared by the workers who created it," he said, "We have the greatest gap in wealth since the 1920's, this has got to stop."


Protest and pride: National African American History Museum opens in DC

It contains photos, diaries, old clothes and other artifacts that had languished in the basements and attics of African American families for many generations.


Prosecutors charge Oklahoma officer in shooting of Terence Crutcher

Tulsa officer Betty Shelby fatally shot 40-year-old Terence Crutcher on Sept. 16.


BP oil spill, climate change still trouble the water in Louisiana

"The problems with the spill - will they ever end?" asked one worker.


Embattled New Orleans unions fight to rack up Clinton votes

This year, unions and their allies here are adding to their list of battles a push to rack up the largest possible vote for Hillary Clinton in November.


New Missouri state lawmaker will challenge corporate greed

 "I came from the people, I represent the people, I cannot be bought," Bruce Franks told People's World.


Manhattan developers try evasion tactics on affordable housing

Application of an affordable housing plan in New York City leaves questions for tenants, working people, and many community advocates about whose interests it is intended to serve.

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