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"Democracy at Crossroads: Class Warfare and 2012 Elections" released

People's World pamphlet "Democracy at the Crossroads: Class Warfare and the 2012 Elections" is available to order or to download.


Texas elections hinge, so far, on big money

If one were to believe the commercial media coverage, it would hard to get around the conclusion that Texas voters are lazy, mean, and not very bright.


Political heavyweights join battle vs. Minnesota voter ID law

The campaign to oppose voter photo ID represented all three of Minnesota's major political parties.


U.S. Senator: Right wing out to gut Constitution

The right wing of U.S. politics is not just attacking unions and workers' rights but the very foundation of our system of government, says Sen. Tom Harkin.


Washington State “likes” Facebook voter registration

While states like Florida are trying to make it harder and harder to vote - at least for some - the state of Washington has taken another tack.


American dream: Florida voters defend rights

Florida has been in the eye of many natural storms. The Sunshine State is now in the eye of a man-made voter suppression storm.


430,000 signatures filed to end Ohio gerrymandering

That more than met the requirement of at least 385,253 signatures from half (44) of Ohio's 88 counties.

Court tosses Montana ban on Super PACs, CWA vows to fight

The top union proponents of constitutional limits on corporate spending in politics, vowed to step up that drive.


Progressives say stakes in 2012 'higher than ever'

With over 80 progressive organizations participating, the ninth annual conference of the Campaign for America's Future opened in Washington under the banner of "Take Back the American Dream."


Florida asks: Democracy or voter purges?

Will right-wing elected officials in the state act to stop Gov. Rick Scott and Republican Party allies from continuing an illegal voter purge?

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