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Rev. William Barber baptizes nation in revolutionary thought at DNC

He said that in order to correct the heart problem in America, the people had to be the nation's "moral defibrillator."


Hillary Clinton at DNC: America at a time of reckoning

Hillary Rodham Clinton walked onto the stage and into the history books at the Democratic National Convention here Thursday night.


Obama at DNC: Don’t fear the future, shape it together

In his final address as president before a DNC, Obama delivered a forceful message: that the time had come to once again make history. 


Asian-Americans, Pacific Islanders on the rise at Dem Convention

The Asian-American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) community is on the rise in the politics of this country.


History: Hillary Clinton nominated for Presidency of the United States

The historic nomination takes on significance, because it comes at a time when women's rights are under attack by Republicans in state after state across this country.


Women of the DNC come together to elect Hillary Clinton

"A woman being elected to office is not just about that woman's achievement but what it means in the lives of the women in the nation."


LGBT Caucus at DNC: SCOTUS is reason enough to beat Trump

Trump says he plans to appoint someone like Scalia, and there has never been a more militant homophobe on the Court.


Democratic National Convention delegates chant “Black lives matter”

"When a young black life is cut short, it's a personal loss, but it's also a loss that diminishes all of us."


Watch: First Lady Michelle Obama delivers must-see DNC speech

It was a speech that delivered an eloquent and profound truth about the stakes of the presidential outcome.


DNC in Philly puts spotlight on city’s pressing issues

"Many parts of the city are still reeling from the loss of hundreds of thousands of factory jobs."

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