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Message to banks: ‘Time to bail us out’

Sick of profiteering, foreclosures and joblessness, thousands tell banks 'Enough is enough'



Protests rock Chicago bankers conference

CHICAGO — Chanting "ABA you're the worst, time to put the people first," over 1,000 people confronted the officers of some of America's biggest banks today, Oct. 26, on the second of three days of protest during an ABA (American Bankers Association) conference.


Tea baggers leave Los Angeles

Video: A counter-demonstration to a tea bagger anti-health care rally was held at Griffith Park in the Los Angeles area.


First Lady urges women to talk to friends about health care

Video: The White House went on the offensive on the health care debate,  reaching out to women and mothers with a new video from First Lady Michelle Obama.

Video: Rep. Jesse Jackson hosts town hall on health reform

Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr., D-Ill., hosted an overflow town hall meeting on health care reform August 18th. He hailed the meeting, held in a local church, as a model of civil and respectful debate and discussion.

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Rachel Maddow Who are the town hall protestors?

MSNBC Rachel Maddow exposes corporate backed protesters at health care town halls, Aug. 5, 2009.

NYC crash, Sotomayor sworn in, Vick on dog-fighting, Hawaii braces for hurricane

AP News Minute covers NYC mid-air crash, Sotomayor sworn in, Vick on dog-fighting, Hawaii braces for hurricane

President Obama: Necessary reform, absurd attacks

In his weekly address, President Barack Obama called health insurance reform critical to our nation’s long-term economic strength and dispelled the outlandish rumors being promoted by those who are defending the status quo.

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