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Mad cows and sick chickens: capitalism and the food supply

Are you becoming afraid of the grocery store? If you are, it’s no wonder. Mad cow disease, avian flu, and mercury in salmon are the latest dangers to our food supply.

Starving Section 8 housing to fund war

SEATTLE – The new Bush budget would devastate the Section 8 housing program, the National Low-Income Housing Coalition has warned.

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HUNTINGTON, W.Va.: 500 workers, students protest Bush / CHARLOTTE, N.C.: Demand for jobs heats up / ALBUQUERQUE, N.M.: How to maximize profits? Steal / ELBACON, W.Va.: Seventh miner killed on job in 2004 / DETROIT: Car dealers sue DaimlerChrysler

In Massachusetts: Same-sex couples set to wed in May

Despite potential setbacks, gay and lesbian couples will be able to wed in the state of Massachusetts in a matter of weeks.

Voters say No to Wal-Mart

By a 60 percent vote, residents of Inglewood, Calif., rejected a ballot initiative April 6 that would have given Wal-Mart Corp.

Best health insurance deal in the United States

I want to tell you about the best health insurance deal in the United States, bar none. Here it is: The purchaser pays $35 per month. In return he or she gets ...

School budget battle looms in New York

BUFFALO, N.Y. – As the deadline for New York’s 2004-5 budget approaches, education rights activists are demanding the state find money to comply with last year’s ruling that every child be provided with a “meaningful high school education.”

National Clips

APPLETON, Wis.:Protesters vow to ‘disappear’ Bush / WASHINGTON: Students arrested for defending worker rights / BROOKLYN, N.Y.: Profits from slavery challenged / BIRMINGHAM, Ala.: NAACP to register new voters / SILVER SPRING, Md.: Peace Action says defeat Bush / WASHINGTON: Bush legalizes firing gays

White House targets Medicare, Social Security

Muttering into a microphone he thought was off, John Kerry called the Bush administration “the most crooked, lying group I have ever seen.” click here for Spanish text

Canton rallies for pensions

CANTON, Ohio – This steel city reverberated with the spirit of fight-back against corporate abuse and the politicians who front for them, on March 15. One hundred fifty steelworkers, families and friends rallied in front of Canton City Council for jobs and to save their pensions.

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