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Youth, unions in spotlight at PWW banquet

OAKLAND, Calif. – Youth groups and unions on the front line for youth and workers’ rights will be honored at this year’s Northern California People’s Weekly World/Nuestro Mundo banquet on Sunday, Nov. 9.

Paul Robeson honored with postage stamp

A ‘tremendous victory’ CHICAGO – Bowing to a six-year grassroots campaign, the U.S. Postal Service has announced that it will issue a stamp commemorating the life of Paul Robeson. The announcement is being greeted with joy in the ranks of those who fought for its issuance.

French heat deaths point to health funding crisis

The World Health Organization has ranked the French health insurance system, where the labor movement is involved in its policy-making from top and bottom, as the best in the world.

Zeal for market: But what about justice?

In a recent column on “Socialist Market Economy,” Erwin Marquit argues for the merits of market-based economies and against the deficiencies of planned economies. Since the collapse of the Soviet Union and the European socialist community, this position has found a significant following among left intellectuals.

Arnold moves to pay back energy traders

Actor Arnold Schwarzenegger hasn’t even taken office yet and already he and his Republican handlers are moving quickly to make California “business friendly.”

National Clips

SOUTH BEND, Ind.: Cheney picks up checks, anger / HARRISBURG, Penn.: High court rejects Mumia Abu-Jamal’s appeal / MISSOULA, Mont.: Blue/Green coalition saves union jobs / BROOKLYN, N.Y.: Women defy racism, build safe haven for moms and kids / DICKSON COUNTY, Tenn.: Corporate greed contaminates drinking water

GOP dirty tricks in Philly mayors race?

PHILADELPHIA – The FBI admitted on Oct. 7 that it bugged the office of Mayor John Street’s office. Later that day the FBI confiscated Street’s personal e-mailing device.

PWW in big demand at Freedom Ride rally

QUEENS, N.Y – “This is really excellent,” a woman in attendance at the closing rally of the Immigrant Workers Freedom Ride said about the People’s Weekly World/Nuestro Mundo. “I’m gonna make my kids read it and write a paper on this stuff for their school.”

Frustrated voters approve recall, reject racist Prop. 54

OAKLAND, Calif. – Frustrated Californians voted to recall Democratic Gov. Gray Davis Oct. 7 and replace him with Republican Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Rep. Senfronia Thompson: A Texas lawmaker takes a stand

WASHINGTON, D.C. – State Representative Senfronia Thompson, Democrat of Houston, is a Texan who stands tall for democratic rights, equality, and government that provides quality public education, health care, and other entitlements as basic human rights.

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