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Bush budget: Trillions for rich, cuts for the rest of us

WASHINGTON — President Bush’s $2.77 trillion 2007 budget brutally slashes funds for health, education and other vital human needs while lavishing $1.8 trillion in tax cuts on the wealthy over the next 10 years, a coalition fighting for a humane federal budget charged.


Thank you and lets celebrate!

Dear Readers, As the final accounting for our 2005 fund drive winds up, I want to thank each and every one of you who gave your time and money to the People’s Weekly World. At press time, we are at $123,000 or 80 percent of our $150,000 goal.

Bushs Enron pal goes on trial; 11 fraud, conspiracy charges for Kenny Boy Lay

HOUSTON — The trial of former Enron Chairman Ken Lay began at the federal courthouse here Jan. 30. Lay, affectionately dubbed “Kenny Boy” by his longtime pal President George W. Bush, faces 11 conspiracy and fraud charges.

Cardinal Mahony initiates immigrant rights campaign

LOS ANGELES — A leading member of the Catholic Church has condemned a congressional resolution that, he says, further victimizes immigrants. In response he has initiated a campaign for immigrant rights.

Southeastern Ohio farming community suffers educational crisis

Guernsey County in southeastern Ohio is having serious problems with the educational budget. Education is under fire by the Bush administration on a national level and by the administration of Republican Gov. Bob Taft on a state level. The state is asking teachers and administrators to resort to fundraisers and high-ticket prices for sports games in order to fund activities. Teachers have to buy many of their own job materials because of the loss of state subsidization. A health teacher at Cambridge High School was once noted telling her students to use the cheap construction paper because her department could no longer spring for nicer-looking and slightly more expensive poster boards for a class project.

DREAM Act renews hope for immigrant students

By the end of this school year, an estimated 65,000 undocumented youth will graduate from our nation’s high schools. Children are brought to the U.S. by impoverished hard-working parents seeking a better life for their families in the world’s richest economy.

Bush guest worker plan criticized

“I do not believe any guest worker program ought to contain amnesty,” President Bush emphasized at a press conference at Kansas State University Jan. 23. Bush made it clear in extended remarks that harsher enforcement policies and vastly extended temporary work permit programs were his priorities. His statements indicated his opposition to legalization proposals by immigrants’ rights groups that include a “clear path to citizenship,” which conservatives label as “amnesty.”

Black Caucus: Together we can take America back

Working together, ordinary Americans can take back the country’s economic, political and human rights agenda, members of Congress told activists and community leaders at a Jan. 28 community forum sponsored by the Congressional Black Caucus Political, Education and Leadership Institute.

Pennsylvanians press for minimum wage increase

The signs filling the Capitol Rotunda here told the story: “We Want Fair Wages,” “Help the Working Poor,” and “Vote Now!” For the third time in seven months a broad coalition of labor, community and religious groups brought hundreds of workers, unemployed and their supporters to the state capital to bring their message to state legislators. Workers in steel, health care, education, hotel and restaurant and other industries joined community activists from across the state.

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