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Wave of voter outrage could swamp Republicans

Tim Burga of the Ohio AFL-CIO says “there’s a real mood for change” in his state. Noting the impact of deaths of Ohio soldiers in Iraq, the loss of manufacturing jobs and national and local corruption scandals, Burga says Ohioans are “really frustrated” with the Bush administration and Republicans. “People feel they just don’t shoot straight — no pun intended.”


UnionFacts from corporate hacks?

Little Red Riding Hood knew to stay clear of the Big Bad Wolf. To get close enough to gobble her up, the wolf had to dress up in Red’s grandmother’s clothes.

Cardinal calls for immigrant rights

LOS ANGELES — A leading member of the Catholic Church has condemned a congressional resolution that, he said, further victimizes immigrants. He also took the occasion to initiate a campaign for immigrant rights.

The Feminine Mystique of Betty Friedan

Betty Friedan, known as the mother of modern feminism, said she was once characterized as “more of a threat to the United States than the Russians.” Friedan died of congestive heart failure on her 85th birthday, Feb. 4, in Washington.

Katrina lays bare issues of race and class

NEW OREANS — Recently released documents show the federal government knew as early as July 2004 that if a Category 3 hurricane were to hit this region, widespread devastation would ensue. Yet when Hurricane Katrina, a Category 4 storm, made landfall on Aug. 29, the government’s response was flatfooted and negligent.

Band-Aids not enough: Health care system needs a profit-ectomy

Recently a young family celebrated the birth of their child but soon received the sad news that the baby needed heart surgery. Their concern escalated when their health insurance company refused to pay for the surgery. Why? Because the heart problem was a “pre-existing condition.” Read on.

Grannies rage against recruitment

Hundreds of grandmothers and their supporters gathered at noon Feb. 14 for a Valentine’s Day demonstration in front of Oakland’s U.S. Army Recruiting Station, blocking the sidewalk and spilling out into the street.

Thousands march for immigrant rights

MINNEAPOLIS — Thousands of people marched through south Minneapolis Feb. 12 in support of immigrants and immigrant rights

Inhuman immigrant treatment protested

NEW YORK — Federal anti-immigrant policies have left a Chinese woman, Jiang Zhenxing, recovering from a miscarriage after being denied medical treatment while she was awaiting deportation.

Community fights to save schools

CHICAGO — “Save our schools,” someone shouted from the crowd of more than 100 legislators, teachers, students, parents, and religious and community activists during a public hearing Feb. 9 at the Chicago Public Schools administration building.

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