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Fox News: Still Unfair and Unbalanced

In addition to some of its major personalities promoting disruptions and even violence at congressional town hall meetings, the guests and commentators invited to appear on its programs seem to overwhelmingly oppose health reform as well.

Netroots activists push for immigration reform

PITTSBURGH PA - 'You all are the folks we need on the ground raising awareness about enforcement and detention in our immigrant system,' said Jacki Esposito, from the Detention Watch Network, here at the national Netroots conference.

Howard Dean tells Netroots: We're going to win a public option

PITTSBURGH PA – 'The only health care reform worth doing is the public option. If you give away the public option you have no health care reform. It is a real choice for the American people,' Governor Howard Dean told over 1,500 bloggers, journalists and activists here at the National Netroots conference. Commenting on the disinformation, yelling and heckling at recent health care town-hall meetings, Dean said, for the astro-turfers 'these meetings aren't about health care. They are about anger.'

More job stimulus desperately needed

Economic reports for July showing unemployment rising, retail sales falling and mortgage foreclosures at an all time high, touched off warnings from economists: only stronger action by the federal government to create jobs, extend unemployment benefits and stop foreclosures can turn the economy around.


Congressman Sestak: I wont budge on public option

PHILADELPHIA — In a packed meeting August 12 at a south Philadelphia church Congressman Joe Sestak (D-Pa.) brought the crowd of over 600 to its feet when he said he “would not budge” on the need for a public health plan option.

Bloombergs grip may be slipping

NEW YORK—“Rich guys don’t always win.” That’s what Mayor Michael Bloomberg told the Working Families Party forum July 6. Unfortunately for Bloomberg, his statement may prove true in November.

The last thing Detroit needs: Wall Street dictators

DETROIT — If one looks at the big picture, the city of Detroit is being set up by the powers that be, including the news media, for the same treatment as the school system here received — a financial dictatorship, with Wall Street and its agents ripping off the city’s workers and people. Mayor Dave Bing is demanding that city workers take a 10% pay cut over two years based on Detroit's financial woes and debts to Wall Street.

Soldier resists Afghanistan deployment

Sgt. Travis Bishop served 14 months in Iraq before he was ordered to deploy to war stricken Afghanistan. Yet he refused to go and calls the war “illegal.” He is the second soldier in the past two weeks to resist the war from Fort Hood. Bishop believes it’s unethical to support the occupation in Afghanistan on moral and legal grounds.


Oklahomans battle poultry companies to save their rivers

Oklahoma’s attorney general is suing Tyson Foods and other poultry processors, charging them with polluting an area of his state known for its chain of scenic lakes and rivers.

Right-wing terror groups on the rise

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. – Timothy McVeigh, the perpetrator of the single largest act of domestic terrorism in US history in Oklahoma City in 1995, stands only as the most well-known right-wing militia member.

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